What is Seniorologie

In a nutshell, Seniorologie is a place to be inspired and learn.  Seniorologie believes that every photographer has a story to share and we love giving photographers a place to inspire others.

Seniorologie is a blog.  Our blog features photographers all over the world and showcases their work.  Through our interview style posts, readers can learn from each and every photographer featured.  We get the who, what, when and where on each session we feature so that readers can not only be inspired, but learn.

Seniorologie is an educational resource.  Want to learn more about high school senior photography?  Want to transition your family or wedding business into a senior business?  We are the resourse for you!  Through our online educational courses, in-person workshops and conferences and shoot out events, you can learn all there is to know about high school senior photography.  Whether you are new to the senior genre, new to photography or have been doing this for years, we have something for you!  Education is an ongoing, continuous process and we strongly believe in continuing your education to better your business.

Seniorologie is a community.  What I have learned over the years is the importance of community.  Joining together to build a better business and industry is the way we all succeed.  Seniorologie is a community of like-minded, high school senior photographers who want to see each other succeed.  We want you to feel safe, loved and supported in our industry!  We don’t believe in criticizing or cutting each other down but rather building each other up and congratulating each other on our successes.  An open, inviting environment is our goal and we want you to be a part of it!!

Seniorologie has changed my whole business. Back when I started photographing seniors in 2013, I wasn’t sure what to do to find seniors or how to market to them. I went to my first Seniorologie Tour in April 2014 and it was amazing! All the things you learn are incredible. My business started flourishing and now I am very successful in my area. Seniorologie not only helped me better my business but taught me how to run my business. Seniorologie to me means…home

Our Founder

Leslie Kerrigan

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I’m Leslie, the creator of Seniorologie. I’m a southern girl who loves learning and educating others. I am fueled by Coca-Cola, real not diet, White Chocolate Mochas from Starbucks and my passion to help others learn and grow in the senior photography genre. I am a wife to a funny man and mom to two cute boys who won’t let me take their photo. I love to shop, travel and dabble in interior design. But most of all, I love meeting other senior photographers who share my passion for making our industry great! I want to see others succeed and if I can help just a little to make that happen, then I have succeeded!

My journey into senior photography started like many of you….I had kids and wanted to take their pictures. So I started taking photos of kids, families, weddings, newborns – you name it and I took it! But not everything gave me the same feeling as when I connected with a high school senior and showed her how beautiful she is through my camera! I knew the senior genre was what I wanted to photograph and I simply started putting that out there.

I created Seniorologie to help others who felt the same passion about seniors as I do grow their businesses. Through what I have learned, my friends in the industry and readers just like you, I hope to help everyone create a senior photography business they love! Let’s learn and grow together!

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