Conference 12 – 2016 – {A Look Behind the Scenes}

October 31, 2016

When I first started this blog, I knew I wanted to help other photographers learn about high school senior portrait photography.  Education is something I am passionate about and providing the right environment to learn is something I work hard to give each of the attendees that come to a Seniorologie event.  I believe that continuing your education is the key to growing your business and finding the right place for that education is how you can be successful.

They say your vibe is your tribe and I believe it!  Because the attendees and speakers that come to Conference 12 are my tribe!  These people are my people!  🙂 They believe in education, want to learn and have the same open attitude that I strive to have.  Someone once said the leader sets the tone for the event and I hope that I demonstrate my passion through every aspect of the event.

I work really hard to find speakers that I not only believe in but that I know in my heart will give the attendees everything they deserve!  I look for speakers that are open, honest, no egos and truly care about the attendees and the information they are sharing with them.  The attendees are those that want to learn and are open to hearing the truth about what it takes to run an actual business.  They want an educational experience that they can really learn from and go home and implement what they learned.

Conference 12 is also a lot of fun!  I really want everyone to bond and creating an atmosphere that fosters that is what I strive to do.  Seeing each attendee laughing, smiling and hanging out with each other warms my heart.  The speakers interact with the attendees.  There is no separation, there are no egos.  This truly is a place where we all become family!

Thinking about this year’s conference makes me smile because I can still hear the laughter, the stories that were shared and I can see the smiles, the hugs between attendees and speakers and even see the tears that were shed when listening to another person’s struggles or feelings about their passion.  Looking at the photos below I am reminded of how much fun we had as the Conference 12 family.  I know that it was a place of growing, learning and bonding and we will forever be tied to one another as we continue to grow in our businesses!  Support is one of the key ingredients in the recipe to success and these people, this tribe will forever support one another!  I love you all!!

Check out some of these behind the scenes photos from our attendees for a glimpse into Conference 12 – 2016.  And of course, stay tuned to details for the next event!  We would love for you to join our family!