Senior Inspiration – {Alexandra Wallace}

Best friend sessions are always fun!  They can result in the best genuine smiles amongst the seniors and lots and lots of giggles!  And that is exactly what Alexandra

Concept Challenge – {Snow Princess}

Winter is a great time to do some photoshoots for yourself!!  And if you live in an area where you get snow, why not incorporate that into your concept!

Camp Marfa – {Registration OPEN}

We have been busy planning, researching and planning some more and we are so excited to open registration for CAMP MARFA!!  Seniorologie is teaming up with Misti Davis of

Topic Tuesday – {When to Update Your Website}

It’s been said that your website is your first impression to potential clients.  It is a way for them to see your work, find out information about you and

Senior Inspiration – {Molly Park Photography}

Really getting to know your seniors before their session helps you capture each senior’s unique story.  In this session below, photographer Molly Park of Molly Park Photography in Florida

Shoot Out Registration Open

We are so excited about our Shoot Outs planned for 2017!  With several locations and awesome photogs joining me, I can’t wait to travel to Charleston and Utah for

Senior Inspiration – {LeenaBee Photography}

On a cold winter day like today, I dream of the spring and summer.  When the sun is out and the weather is warm and photographing a senior can

Fashion Friday – {Winter Wardrobe}

Hey viewers, as a part of my internship with Leslie I am getting to share with you some of my outfit ideas for a winter senior session. Living in

Senior Inspirations – {Melodie Schultz}

What was your inspiration for this photo shoot? When she told me the outfits she would be wearing, I knew immediately where we needed to go.  The brick streets

Senior Inspiration – {Tammy Dahlquist Photography}

What was your inspiration for this photo shoot? My girls are always at the foundation of my inspiration. Keeping them excited and always giving them fun, unique photos that

2017 Shootouts – {Will you join us?}

I love traveling the country and planning shoot outs!  I kept getting asked where we would be this year so I said why not plan a few for people

Senior Inspiration – {Annalise Kaylor Photography}

Finding unique locations is a fun part of being a senior photographer.  And when you get a senior client who is as eclectic as the location then you know

Seniorologie School is Open for Enrollment!!

ARE YOU READY TO KICK YOUR SENIOR BUSINESS INTO HIGH GEAR AND MAKE 2017 THE BEST YEAR YET??  Seniorologie School is ready for YOU!!  Let’s get organized, provide awesome

Senior Concept Inspiration – {Kay Deturk Photo}

The holidays are a great time to do a photo session that inspires you!  For this photographer, Christmas itself is what inspired her to create this photo shoot! “I

Senior Inspiration – {Gianna Grace Photography}

Bringing your besties on your senior shoot can make your senior shoot that much more fun!  As was the case in this fun session below by photographer Katrina Boone

A Year in Review

It is the time of year when we start to reflect on where we have been and what we have accomplished in 2016.  This one has been a great

Fashion Friday – {Holiday Senior Model Shoot}

My favorite thing to do for my senior models each year is to give them a photo shoot for their Christmas gift!  Not only do they love it but

Senior Inspiration – {Aubry Boonstra Photography}

One of the best things we can do as senior photographers is to find out about our clients.  By getting to know them before their session, we can create

Introducing the Seniorologie Posing Guide with Brittney Kluse & Leslie Kerrigan

We are constantly asked about posing.  What are the best senior poses?  How do you add variety into posing on a senior session?  So Brittney Kluse and I teamed

Senior Inspiration – {McKenna Rachelle Photography}

Stretching your creativity by doing a shoot for personal fulfillment is a great way to reignite your passion for your photography.  And that is exactly what this session represents

Why YOU should attend Conference 12 – {Attendee Review}

I was so excited to be asked by Leslie Kerrigan (founder of Seniorologie) to write a blog post describing my experiences at Conference 12!  I have attended the last

Senior Inspiration – {Rey of Light Photography}

Destination shoots are the new it thing in Senior Photography.  And when a senior client wants to do her senior photos at her family’s favorite vacation spot, you have

Senior Inspiration – {Samantha Lee Photography}

Being flexible is key when you are a natural light outdoor photographer!  Sometimes Mother Nature has different plans as with this session below by photographer Samantha of Samantha Lee

Senior Inspiration – {Jessica Heller Photography}

Finding locations can be a challenge but when you look at a place with a different eye you can see that anywhere can be a great location! In the

Senior Inspiration – {Michelle Albright Photography}

Looking like a model can be expensive.  But done the right way, you can help your senior clients stay in their budget while looking and feeling like a model

Senior Inspiration – {C Marie Studios}

So many teenagers are so incredibly talented and showcasing their talent is one thing that makes being a senior photographer so great! In this session below by photographer Caroline

Senior Inspiration – {Kirstie Kay Photography}

What’s better than finding out a coworker has an awesome turquoise VW bus?  That’s exactly what inspired this beautiful senior shoot by Kirstie of Kirstie Kay Photography in Texas.

Senior Inspiration – {Colleen Sanders Photography}

A lot of times I get the question…”when is the best season for senior photos?”  And I answer with a question..”what season is your favorite for colors and clothing?” 

Senior Inspiration – {Thomas & Thomas Photography}

Finding the right backdrop to coordinate with your client’s clothing is part of our jobs as photographers.  Photographer Sarah Edelman of Thomas and Thomas Photography in Ohio said that

Senior Inspiration – {Lexi Murzea Photography}

Incorporating studio shots as well as on-location outdoors shots into senior photo sessions is a unique way of giving your clients variety and making your senior sessions stand out.

Conference 12 – {Attendee Images Part 3}

Every day when posting these images I am blown away by the talent of our attendees!  I look at all these images and think that there are so many

Conference 12 – {Attendee Photos Part Two}

I love, love, love how each attendee was able to shoot every single shoot at Conference 12 this year.  They got SIX styled shoots and all of them were

Conference 12 – {Attendee Photos}

I am so excited to share the work of our wonderful attendees from this year’s Conference 12 in Miami!  The shoots were amazing and the attendees captured the models

Conference 12 – 2016 – {A Look Behind the Scenes}

When I first started this blog, I knew I wanted to help other photographers learn about high school senior portrait photography.  Education is something I am passionate about and

Senior Inspiration – {Angela Chicoski Photography}

Trying new locations is a great way to broaden your horizons as a photographer. In this beautiful session below, photographer Angela Chicoski of Angela Chicoski Photography said, “I really

Seniorologie Spotlight – {October 1, 2016}

We are so excited to announce our top three images this week, chosen by our guest judge Nicole Cook of Nicole Cook Photography.  Thank you to everyone who entered

Senior Inspiration – {Slice of Lime Photography}

Fashion plays an important role in senior photography.  How your clients dress says a lot about their personality through photos. Emil of Slice of Lime Photography has a great

Senior Inspiration – {Jolene Dombrowski}

Destination sessions are something I myself strive to add to my business.  Mixing love of travel with a senior session is a dream.  Jolene Dombrowski traveled to NYC for

Guest Judge – {Nicole Cook}

We are so excited to announce today’s guest judge!  Nicole Cook of Nicole Cook Photography is our guest judge this week and she is also one of our fabulous

Seniorologie Spotlight – {September 24, 2016}

We are so excited to announce our top three images this week, chosen by our guest judge Erin Neace of Lux Seniors.  Thank you to everyone who entered photos

Senior Inspiration – {Corrie Barto Photography}

Shopping can be a great source of inspiration!  You see a beautiful dress or outfit and a shoot can pop into your mind.  That is exactly the case for

Senior Inspiration – {Heather Buckley Photography}

We love sharing sessions that are special to the photographer who submitted them.  We all take photos of clients but when the client is family that session is extra

Guest Judge – {Lux Seniors}

We are so excited to introduce to you our guest judge this week….Erin Neace of Lux Seniors! Erin is a senior photographer in Ohio who specializes in beautiful light-filled

Seniorologie Spotlight – {September 17, 2016}

This week we had Leslie Savage of Leslie Savage Photography as our guest judge for The Seniorologie Spotlight.  We would like to say a big thank you to Leslie! The

Fashion Friday – {Fall Essentials}

There are many fall fashion trends this season but there are a few great ones that will work perfectly for seniors!!  I have picked a few of my favorite

Senior Inspiration – {Red Boat Photography}

When teens come to you with a vision board and a distinct look in mind, that makes planning their session so much fun!  Teens have great ideas and when

Guest Judge – {Leslie Savage}

This week’s guest judge is the super talented Leslie Savage!  Leslie is a photographer in Ohio who specializes in senior portraits and loves to capture each senior’s personality with

Seniorologie Spotlight – {September 10, 2016}

This week we had Melissa White of Melissa White Photography as our guest judge for The Seniorologie Spotlight.  We would like to say a big thank you to Melissa!

Summer Concept Challenge – {Photos by Tenesha}

Labor Day may mark the end of summer but we can still remember the good times with these photos by Tenesha Masaitis! Seniorologie challenged photographers this summer to create

Senior Inspiration – {Suzanne Deaton Photography}

If you are a photographer and your own child becomes a senior, taking her photos is extra special.  That is exactly the case in this beautiful session below by

5 Things To Do Before Every Shoot

Getting ready for a shoot is the perfect time to get in the zone (its football season so the lingo is in full force! ha!)!  Being prepared will not

Guest Judge – {Melissa White}

This week’s guest judge for our Seniorologie Spotlight Image of the Week contest is Melissa White of Melissa White Photography in San Luis Obispo, California. Melissa has been photographing

Seniorologie Spotlight – {September 3, 2016}

This week our guest judge Stephanie Pana looked at all the beautiful images submitted via Facebook and Instagram and chose the top three below! A Big THANK YOU to

Seniorologie Shoot Out LA – {Attendee Photos}

Los Angeles was the fourth and final stop on our Seniorologie Road Trip and it proved to be just as amazing as the others!  I still can’t get over

Seniorologie Shoot Out SLO – {Attendee Photos}

Our third stop on the Seniorologie Road Trip was a super cute town called San Luis Obispo.  This was such a fun place to visit and I wish we

Seniorologie Shoot Out Big Sur – {Attendee Photos}

Our second stop on our Seniorologie Road Trip was beautiful Big Sur!  This place was a dream to shoot in and we were so excited that Lauren of Lauren

Seniorologie Shoot Out San Francisco – {Attendee Photos}

I love sharing the photos that attendees took at our events!  It is a great way for them to be featured as well as let everyone see the amazing

Guest Judge – {Stephanie Pana}

This week we have the crazy talented Stephanie Pana as our guest judge and we are so excited!!  I have followed Stephanie’s work for a while now and I

Seniorologie Spotlight – {August 28, 2016}

This week Sarah Modene helped us out by being our guest judge of the week!  Sarah picked three beautiful images to represent our Top Three and one of these

Seniorologie Road Trip Recap

It’s been said that “we wander for distraction but we travel for fulfillment.”  I discovered the true meaning of this statement on the adventure of a lifetime!  The Seniorologie

Senior Inspiration – {The Focused Soul}

A question I get a lot is, “when is the best season to do senior photos?”  I often answer that seniors should choose the season that best fits their

Seniorologie Spotlight – Guest Judge Sarah Modene

This week’s guest judge is Sarah Modene!  Sarah is a fabulous photographer in Tampa, Florida and we are so excited to have her as a guest judge this week.

Seniorologie Spotlight – {August 20, 2016}

To celebrate our Fifth Birthday we asked some of our favorite photographers to guest judge our weekly Seniorologie Spotlight Image of the Week Contest.  This week’s guest judge was

5 Things I've Learned from Hosting Shoot Outs (and other events!)

To celebrate our FIFTH birthday, I am taking a look back.  One of the things I have loved most about running a senior inspirational and educational blog is the

Senior Inspiration – {Kristi Pennington Photography}

A lot of times seniors love more than one type of location…urban and nature.  So why not incorporate both into a senior session?  That is exactly what Kristi of

Seniorologie Spotlight – Guest Judge True Moua

To celebrate Seniorologie’s Fifth Birthday we are going back to our roots…with a twist!  One of the things I loved doing when I first started this blog was interviewing

Seniorologie is FIVE!!

Hey Senoirologie, it’s your birthday!  We gonna party like it’s your birthday!  Did you know that Seniorologie is FIVE??  I can’t believe I wrote my first post on this

Senior Inspiration – {Katrina Barrow Photography}

Showing off this southern gentleman in historic Savannah makes this session unique.  Photographer Katrina Barrow of Katrina Barrow Photography said that this senior wanted an urban yet classic look

Senior Inspiration – {Charles Street Photography}

What is a better way to celebrate either the summer before your senior year or the summer after you graduate than a fun 1940’s Pool Party Photo Shoot? “This

Senior Inspiration – {SeniorEsque}

College Seniors are a great addition to your senior business.  In this session below by Dorean Pope of SeniorEsque captured this college senior boy in front of the courthouse

Seniorologie Spotlight – {July 30, 2016}

Each week we choose three images that have been shared by all of you on our Facebook page. To enter this weekly contest, simply post a recent photo from

Senior Inspiration – {Monique Serra Photography}

When you have a rep or a client that goes above and beyond, giving her something special is the perfect way to say thank you!  In this beautiful session

Senior Inspiration – {Katrina Jackson Photography}

Having a makeup artist go with you on a photo shoot is a great way to provide lots of variety for your seniors.  They will love getting to change

Senior Inspiration – {ART Photography}

Having a personal connection to a senior client makes that session even more magical.  In this session below, photographer Adriane Thompson of ART Photography says that she has known

Seniorologie Spotlight – {July 23, 2016}

Each week we choose three images that have been shared by all of you on our Facebook page. To enter this weekly contest, simply post a recent photo from

Senior Style – {Cali Essentials}

With my upcoming road trip in California, all I can think about is the easy, cool style of a California Girl.  I think I could have been a California

Senior Inspiration – {Debbie Wilson Photography}

I love visiting Farmer’s Markets in the summer time.  The fresh flowers, produce and unique goodies that you can find are spectacular.  But I’ve never thought of doing a

Senior Inspiration – {Whitebox Photo}

Did you know next summer is the 50th anniversary of The Summer of Rock n Roll?  With that in mind, photographer Sara Brennan of Whitebox Photo in North Carolina

Topic Tuesday – {Focusing on What You Love}

We all have to pay the bills, right?  And that means sometimes we take whatever we get in terms of clients.  Families, babies, weddings, pets…you name it and I

Senior Inspiration – {Meg Shearer Photography}

When your family owns an apple orchard, you know you can create a beautiful senior session surrounded by trees.  And that is exactly what photographer Meg Shearer did for

Seniorologie Spotlight – {July 16, 2016}

Each week we choose three images that have been shared by all of you on our Facebook page. To enter this weekly contest, simply post a recent photo from

Senior Style – {Summer Rompers}

Summer is the time for easy fashion.  Quick items that you can throw on and look effortlessly chic.  The romper is the perfect item for summer and a great

Senior Inspiration – {Aubrey Marie Photography}

Showing off the vibrant colors of the season, getting outdoors and collaborating with hair and makeup to create a beautiful styled shoot is the perfect way to showcase any

Senior Inspiration – {Lillian Morse Photography}

Being a small town girl myself, I totally understand a senior who wants to see the world.  So for this senior session below, traveling to the big city of

Senior Inspiration – {Kelly Braman Photography}

When your senior client loves photography as much as you do, the session becomes a perfect collaboration between two artists. In this session below, photographer Kelly Braman of Kelly

Seniorologie Spotlight – {July 9, 2016}

Each week we choose three images that have been shared by all of you on our Facebook page. To enter this weekly contest, simply post a recent photo from

Senior Inspiration – {Jacklyn Photography}

Total trust in a photographer is a photographer’s dream.  Having your client say to you ‘Just go for it’ really allows a photographer to create a unique shoot. In

Senior Inspiration – {Tamsin Photography}

What is a better spot for a senior session than the beach?  Especially if your senior client loves surfing! In this beautiful beach session below, photographer Tamsin Wright of

Senior Inspiration – {Linkes Photography}

Happy July 4th everyone!  This holiday is such a great holiday for our nation and it is also a great way to get your senior clients or models involved

Seniorologie Spotlight – {July 2, 2016}

Each week we choose three images that have been shared by all of you on our Facebook page. To enter this weekly contest, simply post a recent photo from

Senior Inspiration – {Roots and Wings Images}

Blooming flowers, pretty weather and beautiful colors are a great backdrop for senior photos.  Photographer Chelsea Salinas of Roots and Wings Images in North Carolina said her senior wanted

Senior Inspiration – {Rebecca Williams Photography}

If you live in the south like I do, then you know how beautiful peach farms are.  Flowers bloom right before the peaches start to appear, creating rows and

Seniorologie Spotlight – {June 25, 2016}

Each week we choose three images that have been shared by all of you on our Facebook page. To enter this weekly contest, simply post a recent photo from

Senior Style – {Summer in the Mountains}

Most of the time I think of the mountains as a fall destination but it is also absolutely beautiful in the summer!  The beautiful landscape, the mountains as a

Senior Inspiration – {Wildflower Photography}

Standing out in a sea of other seniors can be hard.  But this senior prides herself on being her own person, totally unique from everyone else.  And her senior

Senior Guy Inspiration – {Rebekah Gregg Photography}

Let’s hear it for the boys!  This awesome guy session below from Rebekah Gregg Photography shows us how fun, cool and hip guy senior sessions can be. “Levi’s style

Senior Inspiration – {Wendy Childress Photography}

Summer is the perfect inspiration for a photo shoot!  So many fun things about summer can be incorporated into a photo shoot and a summer shoot is the perfect

Seniorologie Spotlight – {June 18, 2016}

Each week we choose three images that have been shared by all of you on our Facebook page. To enter this weekly contest, simply post a recent photo from

Seniorologie Summer Concept Challenge – {Summer Fun!}

We have so loved seeing what you all are doing with our Concept Challenges so we wanted to give you a super fun one to do this summer!  Summer

Senior Inspiration – {Hudson Street Studios}

Teens are making a huge impact these days and this teen definitely stands out!  By putting together a Used Prom Dress Initiative she helped tons of teens find prom