Senior Inspiration – {The Couture House of Imagery, Inc.}

January 10, 2012

Working for a modeling agency, really showed Candice Jenkins of The Couture House of Imagery, Inc. how to get teens to come out of their shell in front of a camera.  Being around girls that age, really gave Candice the basis to concentrate on seniors for her photography business.

You can tell from the shoot below that Candice is able to get her subject to pose comfortably and really express themselves in their photos.  And I just love the props!

To see more of Candice’s work, click here.  Check out the interview below and the awesome photos Candice shared with us!  Thanks Candice!

What was your inspiration for this photo shoot?  I wanted to show a senior in that point of her life and to me that is being fresh, romantic and couture!

Where did this photo shoot take place?  Outside of Orlando, Florida.

Did you collaborate with this senior on the wardrobe for this session?  Absolutely!  When we got together for our shoot, she came walking along with two trash bags FULL of clothes. I also came with two laundry baskets filled with accessories, clothes, shoes, makeup and props. Between the two of us when could have had a runway show!

What camera, lens or equipment was used during this shoot?  Camera | Canon 5d MII LENS | 50mm 1.2f

What time of day did this shoot take place?  McKenzie and I shot at two locations 15 minutes away from each other, starting around 2:30 p.m.  and ending around 7:00 p.m.

Can you share any post-processing techniques used when editing these photos?  I really wanted this session to be about McKenzie and the light.  I wanted her to radiate and standout while also having softness to her pictures.  Post-processing included working with my curves to really brighten up her face and the light that was already there, I also like to go in and slightly highlight eyes and hair J, I usually add contrast and then a haze at low opacity.

What is your favorite thing about these images?  How natural and comfortable McKenzie looks, all while looking fabulous and oh so GLAM! That can be hard to doJ She is a pro in front of the camera and I was really lucky to have her as one of my 2011 seniors.

What do you want these images to convey about this senior and about your photography style?  McKenzie is quite! So, first off I wanted her pictures to be loud and glorious, but still having this soft subtle side to them.  When I met McKenzie and saw how beautiful she was, I thought how I really wanted to make a quite girl look at her pictures and want to go crazy in love with what she saw!

My style? Eek. That is hard to answer! Some words that come to mind are soft, light; splash of contrast and ultimately a picture has to show my client looking “naturally comfortable”. If a picture looks to stiff, posed or slightly awkward then it is atomically headed to the trash can!

What is one tip you can share with other photographers regarding senior photography?  Talk, laugh, go back to that age again, anything that will relax that senior to feel comfortable in front of you. The goal is to have fun and to create epic pictures, right? I start my shoots early to cover the time getting my seniors to relax and truly feel comfortable with me. I talk about how important it is to me that they like their pictures and the only way they will is if they open up and have fun with me.