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Are you ready??

Ready to take the guesswork out of high school senior photography?

Are you ready to get the right clients and fill your calendar with booked sessions?

If you are a photographer who wants to specialize in high school senior photography but you aren’t quite sure how to make that transition, don’t worry!

That is what I’m here for….YOU!!

I went from photographing everything…babies, kids, animals, weddings, etc to finding my niche and becoming the sought after senior photographer in my area. In a few short years, I went from a new photographer trying to find my niche with only photographing 1-2 seniors a year to creating a successful senior only photography business.

It isn’t through sales pitches or by screaming to the masses – it’s more of a gentle whisper to the right people.

I created a senior business when senior photography wasn’t even a popular thing in my area. But with marketing, hard work and dedication, I made senior photography popular in my area and am booked solid each year.

You can too!!

Seniorologie School will help you get organized, start marketing to your ideal client and create a business that will grow. After all, isn’t that why you are in this business to begin with?You can start today! By following the simples lessons in this course and applying them to your business you can be the sought after senior photographer in your area!

Registration Opens June 19


You have been a photographer for a while, photographing everything but know that seniors is the genre you want to concentrate onYou are just starting out and want to focus on seniors but do not know where and how to begin

You have been working hard perfecting your craft and want to book clients who appreciate your talent

Week ONE

Do you have a brand that pulls in your ideal senior client? With high school seniors branding is everything! You have to show them who and what you are to gain their attention.
Branding is more than a logo, colors or fonts. It is who you are and it should attract your specific ideal client. Your brand should STAND OUT to your ideal client. By being you, you will attract the right seniors to book sessions.
Lesson one will help you determine your brand as a senior photographer. You will be able to build on who you are and what type of senior photographer you want to be to create a brand that will attract and book senior clients.
Your brand should be an extension of you.



A little more about me….

I’m Leslie. A mom, wife, daughter who loves all things girly but has nothing but boys!

Being a senior photographer allows me to get my girl time in. I love hanging with my clients during hair and makeup, helping them with what to wear and hearing all about their boyfriends. I love to travel, shop and eat really good food. And I love helping other photographers create a business they love


So how much does it cost?

Seniorologie School is a five lesson course built to help photographers create a high school senior photography business that is successful. I want this course to be all about the people who take it, from beginners to seasoned photographers, this course is designed to help you with all things seniors! In addition to the lessons, you will receive bonus materials to help you in your business. You will also receive worksheets to make you do the work! We have a dedicated Facebook group where you will have all access to me and others taking the course to ask questions and find support .

You can get started today for one payment of $249.

Registration Opens September 8

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