Seniorologie is FIVE!!

August 09, 2016


Hey Senoirologie, it’s your birthday!  We gonna party like it’s your birthday!  Did you know that Seniorologie is FIVE??  I can’t believe I wrote my first post on this blog five years ago!  Where has the time gone?  It truly has been such an amazing five years and I want to celebrate this milestone with you!!

First, I couldn’t do this everyday without the support you have all given this blog from the beginning!  The emails, the kinds words, the submissions…its all so incredible and without it Seniorologie would not be in its fifth year!  It truly means a lot to me that so many photographers are as passionate about senior photography as I am and that you all share that with me!  We truly can continue to make this industry great by loving and supporting one another!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Now, I thought it would be fun to share some facts that you may or may not know about Seniorologie.  So since we are turning five, here are five things you may not know about Seniorologie.

5 Things You May Not Know About Seniorologie:

  1.  Seniorologie was one of the first senior only inspirational and educational blogs.  Five years ago, I decided that I really wanted to concentrate my business solely on seniors.  I had photographed everything but didn’t love anything as much as I loved taking photos of high school seniors.  I wanted to learn more about it but through many google searches I could find what I was looking for.  I had been guest blogging for The Savvy Photographer and loved it so I decided to combine my love of writing (I have a Journalism degree) with my quest for education and growing my senior photography business.  Seniorologie was born!  My goal was to use the who, what, when and where side of journalism to get the story on each session submitted in hopes that readers would learn something from each photographer featured.  I love that each photographer has something to give to this industry by sharing the story of their sessions and I still blog each session with an interview style post.
  2. It is completely run by one person – Me!  Yep, I get crazy looks and “I can’t believe it” all the time when readers find out that there is literally only one person blogging, answering emails, planning events and more.  I am pretty sure I am crazy to do this and run a full time photography business all while being a mom and wife but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Of course, I rely on friends in this industry to guest blog and talented photographers to share their beautiful work, and without that this blog would not exist.  But behind the scenes is just one little southern girl, working hard to make sure this blog is a great resource for photographers all over the world.  Now if there is anyone out there that wants to volunteer their time, I will always say YES!! 🙂  Just shoot me an email if you are interested in guest blogging or anything!
  3. When I first started I didn’t think anyone would read it!  Yes, I was totally scared out of my mind that no one would read it but you know what…I was ok with that!  I knew I just needed to put myself out there, blog great sessions and know that the numbers didn’t matter.  That if I could help only one person then what I was doing was right!  And I have held to that idea this entire five times.  It can drive you crazy worrying about how many followers or how many readers you have but I don’t think numbers make you successful.  I truly feel that by helping anyone, you are a success.  And that is what keeps me blogging everyday!  The emails I get from a few people that took time out of their day to let me know a session I featured helped them or a blog post I wrote made a light bulb go off in their head, let me know that blogging everyday is a blessing.  We have grown in readership over the last five years and we have had lulls but I truly believe that there is a place for Seniorologie in this senior photography world and my only hope is that whoever is reading it is inspired and learns something when they visit the site.
  4. Our events are my favorite part!  Getting to meet readers and other senior photographers in person is my absolute favorite part of running Seniorologie.  I love connecting with people online but there is just nothing like meeting each of you in person, hugging you and really talking to you face to face.  I have loved every single event I have planned and I have loved meeting every single person that attended the events over the last five years.  Our very first event was The Seniorologie Tour in Atlanta.  We had 20 attendees, 4 speakers and an amazing location at The Inn at Serenbee.  I was so scared to plan an event but I knew that education was such a huge part of this journey.  I literally cried with joy at our Welcome Party because I was overwhelmed by the love and support I felt.  The ladies that joined us really took a leap of faith and trusted me to provide them with education that could help them in their business.  I will forever be grateful to those 20 ladies and the 4 speakers for taking a chance and allowing Seniorologie to be a part of their educational journey.  Every event after that was equally rewarding and I hold a special place in my heart for every single attendee.  Whether it was a Seniorologie Tour, a Seniorologie Shoot Out, Conference 12 or any other event we have hosted, I am grateful for the opportunity to help photographers grow their businesses.
  5. I love hearing from you!!  I know you are all super busy but I love nothing more than receiving a quick email, facebook message or text from you all!  It brightens my day and it lets me know that what I am doing is a great thing!  So if you ever have a suggestion, a question or just want to say hi or let me know how Seniorologie has helped you, please send me a message!!  Your messages help me and they encourage me to keep at it.  Let’s face it, sometimes this industry is hard but hearing from you lets me know to keep pushing, keep planning and keep growing this little piece of the Senior Photography Industry!!


So what is going to be new this month to help us celebrate being FIVE??  Well, lots!!  We want to make sure to celebrate big and that means with YOU!!  So check out all the fun things we have planned below.

Guest Judges for Seniorologie Spotlight of the Week

Starting next week we will have a guest interview each week from some of our favorite senior photographers in this industry.  You will learn a little about them, see their amazing work and learn from them.  Each week, the guest judge will decide on the top three images shared by YOU.  Then the winner will be featured as our Seniorologie Spotlight of the Week and their photo will be posted via Instagram and will become our Facebook Timeline Cover for the week.

So how can you enter your gorgeous images??  Read below!

  • Post a favorite senior photo that you have taken on the SENIOROLOGIE Facebook Wall and be sure to tag your business or type your business name in the comments when posting.  Also post images on your Instagram tagging us @seniorologie and using hashtag #seniorologiespotlight, #seniorologieshare, #seniorologieturnsfive.  Our guest judge will look on Instagram for those hashtags and visit our Facebook wall to see who has shared an image.
  • The guest judge will pick a top three out of the images that are posted between Monday and Friday by 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  If you image is posted after Friday at 9 p.m. it will be considered for the next week.
  • The top three images of that week will be posted on the Seniorologie blog on Saturdays and the winner will be announced on Monday.

Here is a schedule of our AMAZING Guest Judges:

Monday, August 15 – True Moua
Monday, August 22 – Sarah Modene
Monday, August 29 – Melissa White
Monday, September 5 – Stephanie Pana
Monday, September 12 – Leslie Savage
Monday, September 19 – Erin Neece
Monday, September 26 – Christina Ramirez
Monday, October 3 – Nicole Cook

I can’t wait to see your amazing images so start posting today! 🙂

5 Tips Tuesdays

Each Tuesday this month I will be sharing five things to help you in your business!  I have learned so much these last five years and I want to share it with you!  So be sure to check the blog each Tuesday for the month of August to learn a little from me to help you in your business!

The Seniorologie Community

At Seniorologie, we LOVE community!  Whether it is the awesome people that attend the events or the photographers that follow Seniorologie online, I want to keep in touch with each of you and support all of you!  The Seniorologie Community Facebook Group is a place designed to allow photographers to share, learn and grow with each other.  It is a safe place where we can vent if we need to or ask for help if we need that.

You can get in on the action, join the conversation and meet fellow senior photographers who are just like you!!  The link below will get you a request to join the group.  Just click it and be a part of a community that supports one another!  The most valuable part of the Seniorologie Community is YOU!


A New Look Coming Soon

Another exciting way we are celebrating the fifth Blogiversary is with a new look to the Seniorologie Site!!  It has been in the works for months now, trying to make sure it is easy to navigate, beautiful and most of all educational and inspirational!!  We are still finalizing it but wanted to give you a sneak peek into what is to come!!  Expect lots of educational opportunities both online and in-person, products to help you in our business and so much more!!  Let us know your thoughts on this new look!

seniorologiewebsite1seniorologiewebsite2Please note that some photos were used by web designer to give me a visual and we are in the process of adding our own images.

I Want to Hear From YOU

As I said earlier, without you this milestone would not be possible!  So to continue to grow this community and help photographers everywhere build their best senior business, I want to hear from you.  If you are looking for something, let me know!  If you have an idea or a location you want me to bring an event, let me know!!  If you just want to say hey, please send me an email!!  I truly love hearing from you and I want to make this the best year yet!!  I want to give the readers of Seniorologie what they need to succeed in senior photography, so if you want something, I will make it happen!!

Thank you again for the love and encouragement I have felt over the last five years!  It has been an amazing ride and I can’t wait to share the next five with you!!