Seniorologie Shoot Out Charleston – {Attendee Images}

October 09, 2013

At each Seniorologie event, I meet so many wonderfully talented photographers and I love to show off their images from the event!  Everyone has a unique style and even though we were all shooting the same models, their photos and unique view makes them stand out.

The attendees use these photos in their portfolios and it is a great way to grow by learning and shooting.  It is also so much fun to be around others who share a passion for the same thing as you and just chat about our businesses.  I always think that by going to a different location than what you are used to, reenergizes you and gives you a new outlook even when you get back home.  Each location that we travel to for shoot outs is unique and gives everyone the chance to shoot in different circumstances, lighting conditions and more.

Check out some of the attendees photos below.  I will be posting more tomorrow so stay tuned!!  And a big thank you to all the attendees who came!  You were all such a great group of photographers!

Kristie Bradley Photography

Rebecca Keller Photography

Laura Matthews Photography

Emme Photography

Jean Exum Photography

Christine Habib Photography