Senior Inspiration – {Shameless Photography}

February 13, 2012

Keeping it all in the family is what Shameless Photography is all about!  These two photographers are also sisters and this session is of Tracy’s niece and Lore’s daughter!  Alexis is their go to model and I can definitely understand why!

I love the vintage feel of this session, the makeup and the clothes!  And don’t get me started about the car….Awesome!!

Check out more of Tracy and Lore’s work here.  She has several shoots of Alexis on her blog!  Thanks for sharing this with us!!

What was the inspiration for this photo shoot?  My niece Alexis has been my most faithful and constant model.  Whenever we wanted to just go out and shoot or throw out some ideas, she has always been there to help us, so when time rolled around for her seniors, we knew we really had to roll up our sleeves and come up with something fun and exciting for her.

How did you come up with the concept for this shoot?  It all started with a vintage camera.  My sister Lore and I have a sickness!  We have to stay away from Ebay or we will scroll for hours through hundreds of vintage cameras.  Let the bidding begin!  It began with some cameras we had recently purchased that spanned the last 60 years.  I thought that it would be fun to form a concept around these cameras and time periods. We had done concepts before but hadn’t really done anything so detail oriented and it was a blast.  We actually ended up doing a 50’s shoot, a late 70’s/early 80’s shoot, and a 2011 shoot.

Did you work with the senior to determine the look and feel of this shoot?  Being my quintessential model, Alexis was thrilled with the concept.  But really, what girl wouldn’t love to play dress up and have three separate senior shoots?  She’s also a bit of a photographer herself and loves cameras so she really enjoyed the idea.

Where did this photo shoot take place?  We shot in the quiet farm community of Lakeshore, Utah in early May.  We know a very cool gentleman named Ned Miner that lives in Lakeshore.  He got us permission to shoot in one of the many fruit orchards in the area.  We needed a place that was pretty to look at but in which we were also able to park Ned’s vintage Ford.  We sort of stumbled upon it and it was perfect.

What time of day was this shot?  We almost always shoot late afternoon till sunset.  Love that golden light!

How did you come up with the props and wardrobe used in this photo shoot?  I had been dying to shoot with Ned’s vintage Ford ever since I saw a picture of it.  At the time I was thinking a bridal, but when we started piecing Alex’s 50’s shoot together, I couldn’t think of anything that would have been more perfect.  We got a hold of Ned and the rest was history!  As far as the amazing vintage silk swing dress Alexis was wearing, we stumbled upon it at Decades in Salt Lake City almost by chance.  Decades is a vintage clothing store that has racks upon racks of history.  I had looked online and all the vintage dresses were hundreds of dollars and the remakes were a little to pin-up for the look we wanted.  The dress was a complete steal and we bought it on a whim.  We got it home and it fit Alexis like a glove.  It was so amazing how seamlessly this shoot fell together.  Decades is a treasure trove of fun ideas!  I tell everyone to go there!

Did you use a stylist or makeup artist for this shoot?  Yes.  With all of the work we were going to do, there was no way I wasn’t going to get that picture in my head onto my camera.  I looked at pictures of 50’s actresses till I found exactly what I wanted.  The lovely and talented Brooke Unti did both Alexis’ hair and makeup.  She looked like a million bucks. Brooke was awesome.

This shoot was a family affair!  How was it photographing your niece?  I have three nieces and they are all pros at this point.  And the great part is they all love it, so it’s always a blast.  Alexis can take even my most vague hand gestures and stuttering and make it exactly what I was seeing in my head.  Shooting her is always fun!

You also shoot with your sister!  Tell us about your partnership in photography.  My sister Lore actually gave me my first camera.  She is a jack of all trades.  She wears a lot of different hats in her roll at Shameless.  Most of the time she is my “Lighting Girl Extraordinaire,” but she also is the main poser for large groups and my second shooter on weddings.  Together she and I can really hammer out some great ideas.  Details are her thing.  She also handles bookkeeping cause she’s way more organized that me.  It’s great to have someone who is as excited as you are about your passion.  Not to mention, this is just a lot more fun to do together!  We LOVE it!!

How long have you and your sister been in the photography business?  We started professionally shooting as Shameless Photography in 2009.

How long have you been photographing seniors?  I basically started out shooting teens.  It’s great following them as they get older and doing their senior photos.

What is your favorite thing about photographing seniors?  Teens are always the most willing models and the most fun.  Seniors are to this day my favorite shoots.  There is so much opportunity to show personality and uniqueness.  They are the most willing to be silly in front of the camera and really have fun. It shows in their images.  They just make me smile.  I wish I could shoot them everyday.  I love hearing their responses when I show them images in my camera and they say things like, “Wow, is that me?”

What is your favorite thing about these images and this shoot?  I love so much about this shoot!  I love how there are certain images where Alexis just channels that sassy, witty, 50’s leading lady.  Adore the backlighting.  That sweet car.  And who doesn’t love that dress!?!

What do you want these photos to convey about this senior and about your photography style?  Alexis has this great individuality, and she loved that her seniors were so different than the norm.  While this is a concept shoot and quite a bit different than a usual senior shoot, I think it stills shows my colorful and clean style.

What is one tip that you can share with other senior photographers when it comes to photographing seniors?  Talk to your seniors.  Get to know them.  Have them bring friends, family, boyfriends/girlfriends, whoever will make them more at ease.  The whole idea is to showcase who they are at this pivotal time in their lives.  Get comfortable with each other, make them laugh, it will translate into your images.