Summer Concept Challenge – {Photos by Tenesha}

September 08, 2016

Labor Day may mark the end of summer but we can still remember the good times with these photos by Tenesha Masaitis!

Seniorologie challenged photographers this summer to create a concept shoot that showed off all our favorite summer things.  Cotton Candy, sunshine, sunglasses, fun and more!  In these beautiful photos below you can see why Summer is Fun!!

Read below to see how Tenesha took our concept challenge and created these amazing photos!  Thanks Tenesha for sharing your work with Seniorologie!






Where did the shoot take place?  The shoot took place at the Redondo Beach Boardwalk in Redondo, CA

What time of day did the shoot take place?  Early evening about 5-7 p.m.

What equipment was used on this shoot?  The equipment I used was my Cannon 5d Mark III, 24-70mm f.2.8L


What do you love most about this shoot?  What I loved most about this shoot was the variety of looks a “California Girl” can rock. She can be edgy, sweet, and laid back all at the same time and I think we captured that.

How did participating in the Seniorologie Concept Challenge help you?  Participating in the Seniorologie Concept Challenge helped me think outside of the box as far as locations. I am usually looking for locations that aren’t crowded and a little more subdued, but I wanted this shoot to be super fun and  show what most people like to do in the summer; hangout at their local beach or boardwalk. I had to work around the crowds and get the shot. My model also did a great job even though everyone was starring at her, she put on a show.

What is your favorite thing about this shoot?  My favorite thing about this shoot was the bright bold colors in the outfits, and background, I think it just screamed Summer!