What to Wear – {Senior Style WPPI}

February 10, 2012

Seniorologie will be going to Vegas in a week!  Yay!  I can’t wait!  A lot of other photographers and even high school senior-aged photographers will also be going to the biggest photography convention in the U.S.!

And even though we are all trying to plan our trip as far as classes and meet-ups, we are also secretly wondering what do we wear!!  Here are a few tips, whether you are a seasoned pro, new to this convention or somewhere in between!

Dress Code – well there really isn’t one!  It’s Vegas Baby!  And pretty much anything goes in this city!  You will see it all!  But the best advice I can give is to dress comfortable (and I don’t mean sweats) but also remember you are your brand.  WPPI is a wonderful place to network and meet friends that you have only talked to online.  You really just never know who you are going to meet so always look your best!!

I suggest for day time jeans, a cute top and a sweater or light jacket!  Now if you are like me, you are thinking “This is the desert!” and are going to want to pull out all your cute spring stuff from last year!  RESIST THE URGE!  Because it will not be hot!  I ended up having to buy a jacket last year!  Plus, the classrooms can be a bit chilly so having a cardigan is a must!

Below I have put together a typical outfit for the day!  I love this cute shirt because it has a spring vibe to it and I am so over winter right now!  Plus the bright sweater will make you stand out in a crowd! 🙂  Pair these things with your favorite jeans and you are good to go!  Don’t forget to bring your comfy shoes!  Trust me you will wish you could wear tennis shoes and jeans even though that would be a total Glamour Don’t!  So figure out which flats or boots you can walk in because you will be on your feet!!

Hope to see you all in VEGAS!!