I'm leslie

I'm leslie

Hey Ya'll!

senior photographer, coach and educator helping photographers build profitable and successful senior photography businesses they love!

I'm here to Let you know that...
If I can do it, SO can you!!

from clueless and not knowing what to do to building a six-figure, fully booked senior photography business...

I started this as a hobby to capture photos of my kids but it has turned into a full-blown business that allows me to do what I love!

Over the past 12+ years, I have figured out what works and what doesn't work (trust me, there was a lot of trial an error that I can help you avoid!) which has allowed me to create a senior photography business that consistently books my calendar full of clients, make 6-figures per year and be the go-to senior photographer in my area.

Now it's time for you to do the same!  I'm here to help photographers just like you follow an exact blueprint that I have used in my own business to stand out in the crowd, attract and book ideal senior clients and create a successful and profitable business that you love!

Like many photographers I work with, you are probably feeling overwhelmed and just don't know where to start in order to get the results you want.

Let me help you!

Here's the deal...I've been there.  I've made all the mistakes.  I've worked too hard for too little results.  I've sat at the computer for hours, ignoring my family because I just had to get one more thing done for my business.  But it doesn't have to be that way!  I figured out a different path that has allowed me to work smarter not harder, given me time back with my family all while growing my business.  And this can happen for you too!

Unlike other educators, I believe that every business is unique and deserves a tailored approach to suit your specific needs.  There is no "one size fits all" to running a successful business.  And after working with hundreds of photographers for over a decade, I know that your business is different and you need help that will get you the results you need.

Which is why no matter what avenue you take to learn from me, I want to help you get the results that matter like booking senior clients and making money without being overwhelmed and stressed.

I've made all the mistakes so you don't have to!
You can follow my exact blueprint to being A
successful and profitable senior photographer

I did and let me tell you it wasn't fun!  But that doesn't have to be
the case for you! 

Let me hold your hand and guide you through my exact blueprint that lead me from struggling, stressed and not knowing if it would work to cracking the code and having a clear plan to a consistently booked calendar full of seniors, saying no to other genres I didn't want to photograph and saying yes to a business I love!

I've shared this blueprint with photographers all over the country and helped them find their version of success.  They are booking senior clients on repeat, making more money and loving their businesses.  You can too!!



Photographed my first senior in 2010


Seniors photographed:


mom of two teenage boys
 One a current senior & the other college sophomore


wife to my cubicle mate, a real life pam and jim


Students taught:


I edit to friends and anything hgtv

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A place to learn and grow your senior photography business

A place to belong, to feel support, to ask questions and share advice

A place to be inspired and push your creativity

what is

what is

I started Seniorologie as a place to provide education, information and inspiration to high school senior photographers. I wanted to provide an open, kind and honest environment where all photographers no matter what their level could feel at home. You see I'm southern and we are all about welcoming you, giving you something to eat and not letting you leave empty handed. And while I can't give you something to eat through the internet, I can make you feel welcomed and not let you leave empty handed! So check out the blog posts for information, the podcast for mini trainings and the freebies to help you in your business! And know that my door (aka my email!) is always open to you for anything you may need! I want to see you succeed in your business!






Started in 2011

Hosted first conference

First shoot out

started the semester

First in person workshop

Hosted alumni retreat

Seniorologie started with a blog post in August 2011.

Seniorologie hosted Conference 12 in 2015 in Arizona.

Seniorologie hosted the very first shoot out in Las Vegas in February 2012.

Seniorologie created a group coaching program called The Seniorologie Semester in January 2020. 

Seniorologie hosted the very first Seniorologie Tour workshop in Atlanta in April 2012.

Seniorologie hosted an alumni retreat for Semester students in February 2023 in Palm Springs.

The Seniorologie


Must have tools that help me run my business & Seniorologie

Nikon D750

35 MM Sigma Art Lens (my fave)

Kelly Moore Bags


Elizabeth McCravy Templates

With Grace and Gold Templates

Misti Davis Designs






Spiral Notebooks

From photography gear, social media, branding, websites and 
Here are just a few of my fave tools to use


The Seniorologie