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it's time to showcase who you are and connect with your potential clients!

You deserve more than just a headshot!

Brand Camp


FEBRUARY 26-27, 2024

Let's Create Content For Your Business Together!

Pretty photos don't market our businesses on their own.  We have to use content to connect to our potential clients and show them why they need to hire us for their senior photos!  One traditional headshot doesn't work and neither does hiding behind the beautiful senior photos you take!  It's time to get you out from behind the camera and in front of it!!

What if you could spend two days with two coaching experts to create a content plan for your business to help you stand out and get booked?

It's time to jump start your branding with a two-day retreat that gives you all the tools you need to stand out!

Gone are the days of hiding behind the camera, not showing who you are and hoping your portfolio does all the work!

  • Content that shows off your personality
  • Content that creates connection
  • Content that gets you booked by your ideal client

Personal branding helps create a connection to potential clients which in turns helps you stand out from the crowd and get booked!  Do you want....

Are you frustrated with creating content
that attracts your ideal client?

Here's the deal

Now show off what makes you unique, tell your story and let others connect with what you have to offer.

People connect to people. And people hire people.  NOT logos, not photos of clients.  Today's consumer wants to connect with the person they are thinking about hiring.  So whether you take family photos, brand photos, seniors photos or any other genre, your potential clients wants to see you, get to know you, like you and trust you BEFORE hiring you.  And the best way to do that is to let your potential clients see you.  Being able to build relationships with potential clients is the key to getting booked.  It's time to stop hiding behind the camera and start sharing a little of who you are, what you do and why you do it with your potential clients.

"I would never hire someone to take photos that I haven't seen first"

We've both heard this...

Branding photos that show your personality
Stock photos to use in your marketing
A strategic plan of what to do with these photos
A support system of like-minded photographers
And tons of photos!

at the end of the day you'll have:

Brand Camp - A unique branding and content experience

And that’s why we are so excited to let you in on...


Option to use our dedicated hair and makeup artist for your branding photos

Hair and makeup

Lunches provided daily

Lunch daily

A complete guide to preparing for your branding photoshoot as well as a guide to help you plan how to use your new content

 Complete branding guide

Opportunity to photograph your products, create flat-lay photos and more

Stock photos for your brand

Complete branding photoshoot for each attendee that includes multiple locations and photos that showcase your unique personality

Branding photo session

Brand camp includes two days of education and photoshoots so you walk away with tons of content and information to help you in your biz

2 Day Retreat with education and shoots

a unique retreat dedicated to helping photographers create content to market their business!

Brand Camp


I'm ready to attend!


"The icing on the cake was a full day of branding photos with both Leslie & Liz!"

"I'm so glad I signed up for Brand Camp! I know I need to show my face and create a personal brand for my business but I never felt comfortable doing it. So when Leslie and Liz created Brand Camp, I knew it was for me! When I invest in a workshop, I want to learn from the best and no one is better than Leslie and Liz when it comes to branding themselves and using social media for their businesses. I learned what works for them and how to apply it to my business! If you are considering Brand Camp, my advice is to DO IT!!"


"The environment at Brand Camp was so relaxing and fun!"

"I had such a great time learning from Leslie and Liz all about how to elevate my branding for my business! I loved meeting other photographers from around the country and exploring Nashville. Having a full day devoted to a branding photoshoot complete with hair and makeup made me feel spoiled!"


"Liz and Leslie helped me get out of my own way and get my brain on track"

"I absolutely loved Brand Camp! Liz and Leslie helped me get out of my own way and get my brain on the right track to speak to my ideal client and put myself out there with intention. Putting everything I learned into action is going to be a lot of work but I have the direction I need thanks to Liz and Leslie! And that is so exciting!"



If something comes up that prevents you from attending, you can sell your seat or apply it to the next Brand Camp.  No refunds will be given.

What if I register but can't attend?

We will let you know the best places to stay to be convenient to the education and shoots but no accommodations are included.  Each attendee must book their own accommodations.

Are accommodations included?

We will provide an entire brand camp guide to attendees but you can plan on bringing you, your computer, camera, props that help tell the story of what you do and clothes to wear for the photoshoot!

Brand Camp 2024 will be held on February 26-27, 2024 in Santa Barbara, California

WHAT DO I NEED TO bring to brand camp?


Brand camp is for any creative or photographer who is ready to take their branding and content marketing up to the next level.

who is brand camp best for?



Valued at $1,500

Complimentary 20-Minute Planning Call

Liz and Leslie will conduct a 20 minute planning call with each attendee to make sure you know exactly what to bring to Brand Camp.

Bonus #2

Valued at $1,200

A complete guide to using content to market your business.  This guide will walk you through a plan of what to do with the content we create at Brand Camp.

Complimentary Content Guide

Bonus #1

In Addition To Brand Camp, You'll Walk Away With...


  • 2-Day Retreat
  • Branding photos
  • Education

  • 2-Day Retreat
  • Branding photos
  • Education



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Early Bird - BEST Savings

Early Bird - Payment Plan


5 monthly payments

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JULY 24, 2023

You felt more confident with the content you could post

You finally started connecting with potential clients via social media

You were no longer scared to put yourself out there

You stopped relying solely on the photos you take to market for you

And you started getting booked by your ideal client because you allowed them to get to know you first!

What would your business look like if...

Let's be real for a minute, can we?

Early Bird Pricing Ends July 24, 2023
Cheers, Liz & Les

Because we are photographers ourselves and we know how hard marketing and content can sometimes be, we are determined to help you have fun, showcase your unique personality and get booked by your ideal client!  We want to show you and your clients why you are the right person for the job!!!

Liz & Les here! We are so excited to help you with your content!

Hi Friend!

Join us for this one-of-a-kind branding event!  We promise you will be glad you did!

Two day branding event
Branding photoshoot
Complete branding guide
Lunch daily
Hair and makeup
Strategic plan for your business

To summarize this remarkable event, you will receive:

Let's Recap

Say hello to your new content marketing plan.

Say goodbye to hiding behind the camera

Your clients will finally get to see the real you.  They will finally see why you are the perfect choice for them.  And you will finally feel confident in sharing your content in order to connect with your clients.

How will your business change when you invest in yourself?

Brand Camp


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Click to secure
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Brand Camp

5 equal payments of $450

*By registering for Brand Camp, you agree to pay in full the complete amount. No refunds will be given for any reason. If you are unable to attend after registering for Brand Camp, you will still owe the total amount due.*