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Marketing Toolkit

Marketing Toolkit

Everything you need to generate leads on repeat and book your next senior clients in just 30 days!

Book MORE Seniors

Book MORE Seniors

Are you tired of struggling trying to figure out how to market your senior photography business to attract and book senior clients?

Marketing can be overwhelming!!  And sometimes that causes you to just throw your hands up and not do anything!  

But marketing your business correctly is the key to getting in front of potential clients and turning those clients into booked senior sessions!

Let's be honest...

What if you had...

A complete marketing plan that shows you exactly what content to create and when...

Proven social media strategies to follow to get in front of your ideal client...

Content that generated leads on repeat...

So that you could get new inquiries in your inbox in the next 30 days??

YES!! I'm ready to stop struggling & say hello to booked senior clients

Say goodbye to the marketing mystery and hello to a complete marketing strategy that will deliver results.  The Book More Seniors Marketing Toolkit equips you with an easy-to-follow roadmap that will increase visibility with potential clients, getting you more inquiries and resulting in booked senior sessions.

grab the toolkit for just $49

book more seniors
marketing toolkit

book more seniors
marketing toolkit



Get instant access to

The Book More Seniors Marketing toolkit that will help you gain visibility, fill your inbox with inquiries and turn those inquiries into booked senior photo just 30 days!!

You want to generate new inquiries and book senior clients in the next 30 days.

You are a photographer who wants to stop guessing their way through marketing and follow a proven roadmap that leads to booked seniors.

You want to click the "done" button when it comes to marketing and know it's going to work to get clients.

This is for you if...

Here’s what’s inside The Book More Seniors Marketing Toolkit:

30 days of strategic social media content to captivate your audience and attract clients.  These are professionally written to get you discovered, engage with your audience and fill your inbox with inquiries.

Weekly written-for-you blog posts that allow you to share your expertise, showcase what makes you different and get ranked on google so you get discovered by more potential clients.

30 Day Content Calendar to keep you organized and on track so you get maximum visibility and engagement with your potential clients.

10 Instagram Canva Templates to use that will showcase your work in a visually appealing way and make your viewers want to learn more.

A complete roadmap to follow with specific exercises to do to increase your following, increase your leads and increase your chances of conversion.


grab the toolkit!

grab the toolkit for $49

You can book more senior clients in the next 30 days!!

If you’ve been looking for a way to market your senior photography business, increase inquiries and book more clients, but have been stuck on what to do to make it happen, the Book More Seniors Marketing Toolkit is perfect for you.

Think about how good it will feel to:

✔ Sit back and relax because your content is done and scheduled
✔ Have the strategies to gain visibility and get more inquiries
✔ Have the know-how to convert inquiries into booked clients
✔ Customize these easy-to-edit social media captions to fit your needs
✔ Fill your calendar with senior clients who are excited to work with you

This is exactly what’s possible when you implement the proven strategies inside the book more seniors Marketing Toolkit!

Before you know it, you’ll be confident in your marketing, gain visibility online, see your audience grow, and fill your inbox with clients who value your unique photography style.

why learn from me?

Hey there!  I'm Leslie!

And I'm your senior photography bestie!! 😀

I know what it's like to wonder when your next senior client will book with you!  Heck, I remember when I didn't have any senior clients at all and it wasn't fun!!  I used to struggle with marketing myself as a senior photographer and struggle with getting inquiries and turning those inquiries into booked senior sessions.  I tried everything and wasn't getting anywhere.

But after lots of trial and error, I finally cracked the code on how to create an actual marketing plan (no more throw spaghetti against the wall to see if it stuck) that spoke to my potential clients, was about them, not me and started producing results.  I finally started seeing results and my calendar started filling up!

The Book More Seniors Marketing Toolkit was born out of my desire to help you market your business with the strategies I use in my own photography business so you can stop guessing what works and instead follow an exact roadmap that includes the best tools, resources and actions!  Because you deserve to fill your calendar with seniors who want to work with you! 


How will the book more seniors marketing toolkit help me attract more senior clients?

How much does this cost?

What if I am new to senior photography, will this work for me?

The Book More Seniors Marketing Toolkit is designed to help you increase your visibility online with easy-to-follow action steps and proven strategies.  This toolkit includes an exact roadmap to follow for 30 days that will help you engage with your ideal client, share compelling content and attract senior clients who will want to book you for their senior photos.

For a limited time, The Book More Seniors Marketing Toolkit is only $49!!  This is an incredible price because there is so much done for you content inside!  Not only will it provide exactly what to do each day but it will save you time because you don't have to create this on your own!

Yes!  This is designed to help photographers at all levels, whether you are just starting out or you've been in business a while and are looking to improve your marketing.  The toolkit includes swipe copy, resources and ideas to help you with all your marketing needs.

Grab the toolkit now for $49!!

Clicking here will be your first step to increasing your bookings immediately

Your next senior clients are just waiting to work with you!

Let them know you want to work with them and can give them exactly what they want with this 30 day plan!