Create jaw-dropping photos your seniors will love, rave to their friends about and be excited to share every single time!

The Senior
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The senior posing formula that sells!

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Let's Master The Art of Posing Seniors Together!

If you've been trying to scale your senior photography business by copying poses you've seen on Pinterest or Instagram, or maybe winging it and falling flat at your shoots because you've never been taught an exact formula to follow...It's time to stop!  And instead learn the right poses to do for every senior session that your clients will love and want to share which will ultimately get your more business, more seniors booked and more money!!

What if you could follow a works-every-time posing formula and go into every senior session with confidence to create amazing photos your senior clients will love?

It's time to stop cramming pose ideas on the way to your senior shoots and start following a proven formula for maximum variety! 

Gone are the days of being stressed, clueless or frustrated about posing senior clients!

  • Taking screen shots of poses to refer to at your shoot
  • Searching Pinterest at every stop light on the way to a shoot
  • Winging it and hoping for the best but ultimately leaving the shoot frustrated because you forgot poses

Maybe you have tried strategies like these...

Are you tired of feeling clueless when it comes to posing seniors?

Here's the deal


Seniors didn't always come easy to me. 

I remember struggling with anxiety on the way to a senior session, stressed about what poses I would do that seniors would love. 

I remember leaving shoots wishing I had done this pose or that pose. 

I remember feeling like I was just "winging it" at every single session and hating the images I captured because I knew there had to be a better way.

I can still remember what my first senior sessions were like...

Are you ready for your senior photography business to change?

An easy to follow formula that allows you to master senior posing

Amazing photos your clients will want to purchase

Images that your clients rave about to their family and friends

Clarity and Confidence knowing how to instruct your clients and show them exactly what to do

Here's what you need...

A location scouting guide to help you choose locations that give you lots of opportunity to create variety in posing, a senior questionnaire and more!


Tons of posing prompts to help you create emotion and fun with senior clients!  And you will finally be able to confidently tell every client what to do with their hands!

Pose Prompts

Getting seniors comfortable in front of the camera starts with getting to know each client.  By getting to know them and creating an amazing experience, you will be able to help calm their nerves before they step in front of your camera

how to creat an experience for seniors

Downloadable cheat sheets to take with you on a shoot in case you need extra help with the posing formula.  These cheat sheets contain hundreds of possible poses that you can use as reference to make sure you get tons of pose variety at every session.

Downloadable cheat sheets

Behind the scenes videos of how to use the formula on a senior shoot!  These videos include photo examples as well as easy-to-follow instruction for any type of senior client!

5 Action-Packed Senior Session Videos

Inside these bite-size modules, I will give you the exact formula to follow to stop guessing on what poses to do and start implementing an easy-to-follow formula that works on ever senior session.  Plus, you will see how this formula works on different types of senior clients including girls, guys and groups!

5 information-packed

A complete, easy-to-follow course on posing Seniors!

The Senior Posing Academy


I'm ready to pose with


I use this easy-to-follow formula on every senior session and I never forget a single pose.  My seniors love all their photos and I have been able to increase the amount of photos I sell after every session!

The Senior Posing Academy has changed the game for me when it comes to senior sessions!


This course allowed me to go into my senior shoots with confidence because I no longer had to try to remember poses or look at Pinterest before a shoot.  Instead, I had a flow to follow and was able to create a ton of poses that my clients love!

My very first senior session after taking this course was better than any session before!


Before this course, I was not thinking about how creating an experience for my clients affected the posing and photos.  But after this course, I was able to create an experience that helped my clients come to each session with less stress and they had more fun than ever before!

The Senior Posing Academy helped me focus on the experience for my clients!

Once you enroll, you will be prompted to create a log in for the private online platform where the course lives.  You will be able to log in and dive into your posing academy portal, watch the lessons, download the pdfs and more!

HOW is the material delivered?

Yes!  This course includes senior girls, senior guys, groups of seniors (aka a model team!) and more!

Will this course teach me about senior girls and guys?

Absolutely!  The Senior Posing Academy is a self-paced program which allows you to binge it all at once or take it one lesson at a time.  I do recommend one lesson at a time and to go in the order of the lessons, but it is completely up to you how you consume the info! 

Can I go through course at my own pace?

The material in this course is geared toward senior photographers.  However, the posing method taught in this course could be applied to any genre.

who is this Course best for?



Location Scouting Video

Learn how to pick perfect locations that will affect the variety of the poses and allow you to get more out of one spot!

Bonus #2

Posing prompts including what to do with your hands to help you pose your senior clients with confidence and refer to at your senior sessions.

Posing Prompts

Bonus #1

Epic Bonuses You'll Receive When You Enroll...


Ready to stop stressing and finally get rid of the pre-session butterflies and start posing your clients with confidence?

  • 5 Modules with 26 bite-size video lessons
  • 5 Behind the scenes senior session videos
  • Downloadable cheat sheets and pose prompts
  • Bonuses just for you



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You felt more confident and knew exactly what poses to do for every session.
If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and walk you through the exact images you NEED to capture at every single senior session and how to capture them effortlessly, you are in the right place!

You are finally able to niche into senior photography and stop saying yes to every other genre that you don't love. If you are ready for raving senior clients that love their photos, shout from the rooftops to their friends and get you even more senior clients booked on your calendar, this is for you!

What would your business look like if...

Let's be real for a minute, can we?

You are in the right place!

I've been a senior photographer for over 12 years and I love it!  I create this course because I remember what it felt like to be nervous before every senior session, not fully understanding my job as a photographer to help each and every client with posing. 

But I finally cracked the code and became comfortable with posing that allowed me to boost the confidence of each and every client and that made my business take off like I never dreamed!

After hundreds of senior sessions, I no longer felt nervous to work with senior clients.  I went into every session confident and knowing how to pose my clients, make them feel comfortable and deliver photos that both seniors and parents love!

I finally had the exact formula to follow that created consistent results every single time that included variety, unique poses for each client and photos they loved and bought!

Leslie Kerrigan here! I love helping other photographers niche down and capture seniors!

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You know you are meant to have a successful and profitable senior photography business and this is your opportunity to take action and prove it to yourself!

5 Modules with 26 bite-size lessons on posing

5 Behind the scenes videos of actual senior shoots

Pose Prompts to follow

Cheat sheets to download

Bonuses just for you

Everything you need to pose with confidence!

To summarize this remarkable offer, you will receive:

Let's Recap

Say hello to...
Posing with confidence
Senior clients that see your value
Rave reviews from clients
Your work standing out from the rest
Thriving senior photography business

Say goodbye to feeling nervous before your sessions

Create an in-demand senior photography business that allows you to specialize in the genre you love, say no to other photography gigs, book your calendar full of paying senior clients and make a profit doing what you love!

Think about how your business will change when you no longer have to worry about whether a client is happy with their images and instead...