Share Your pricing with your clients in A professional way

with this
pricing menu template!

Fully Customizable PSD Files to easily change text and colors
3 Fully Designed Cover/Back Cover Options
2 Fully Designed Inside Spread Options
Fonts Used and Suggested Use PDF
Sized for printing at Miller's Lab


The perfect way to share your pricing with your clients during an in-person order session.  These pricing menu templates allow you to create a professional looking, durable pricing menu to hand to your clients during the order session.  This not only allows you to look like the professional you are but it gives the clients the sense of control and decision making by holding the menu and being able to read over their options.  There are 3 cover options as well as 2 inside spread options to fit your needs.  Simply fill in your own products and prices and print this menu at the suggested lab below.

pricing menu template




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Pricing Menu Template


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