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Doors are currently closed to the Seniorologie semester
 Enrollment will open up again fall 2021!

An intense Six-Month Educational Experience for senior photographers looking to take their business to the next level, make more money and become the go-to senior photographer in their area.

The Seniorologie Semester

Accountability & Community

individualized education

group encouragement & support

live Monthly seminars on specific topics

1-on-1 coaching & mentoring

So you've been searching for one place to help you build the successful senior photography business You are meant to have

One place to get guidance, direction, answers and clarity to level-up your business

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I will help you create a senior photography business that is Profitable, successful and customized to you and your market!  give me 6 months to guide you, mentor you, coach you and help you become the go-to senior photographer in your area.

have been where you are, stressed, not making as much of a profit as I hoped, trying to do all the things, needing answers to questions and feeling overwhelmed.  With lots of hard work, strategies and experience, I have pushed to get through it and come out the other end.  I want you to be less stressed, more successful and more profitable in a senior photography business you love!

Every senior photography business is different and your education should be based on your specific needs.  The Semester is a one-of-a-kind educational experience that allows each student to get the answers to their questions and advice to their struggles that is specific to them.  The Semester is an educational program that will level-up your senior business, get all the things you know you need to do done and give you a clear direction that you are looking for in your business.


You want answers to your specific questions and your specific situation

You want to skip all the trial and error and know what actually works

You feel you are doing everything right but can't move forward in your business

You are ready to be the go-to senior photographer in your market

You want a mentor, coach, cheerleader who will provide guidance and support for you and your business

you want to learn from not only an experienced senior photographer but one who has been where you are and is currently running a senior photography business

You are ready to take your senior business to the next level

this is for you if...

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Semester Content

Let's break it down!

I will be teaching monthly seminars on topics that relate to the senior photographer.  These seminars will be in-depth workshop type classes that will include actionable items (and homework!) to elevate your business.  Topics will include:
+ Workflow
+ Marketing
+ Pricing and IPS
+ Senior Spokesmodel Teams
+ Client Experience & Management
+ Branding
+ Email Campaigns
+ Social Media
+ Booking Clients
+ And More Including general business topics!

Specific senior photography content each month

live Monthly seminars


two Individual mentorship calls

1-on-1 Mentorship calls


Each student will receive two mentorship phone calls - one at the beginning of the semester to see where you are and assess your specific needs and one at the end of the semester to ensure you have what you need to continue to elevate your business.  Mentorship calls will include:
+ What's working for you
+ What's not working for you
+ Specific tasks catered to your business
+ What your business needs MOST
+ In-Depth feedback on your individual business

No one builds their best business alone!  we need a supportive community!

supportive community group


A private FB community for semester students only that will continue long after the semester has ended!  This will be a place where all students can not only support each other before, during and after the semester but a place to ask questions, share ideas, celebrate successes and more! The community will be:
+ A place to be a part of a supportive group of peers
+ A place to ask questions and get answers
+ A place to find support through the good and the not so good
+ A place to vent if needed
+ A place to celebrate successes and share wins
+ A place to share and learn about new ideas

Get help when you need it!!

unlimited access to leslie


One thing I wish I had had when I was building my business is access to someone who has been there!  With the app Voxer and email, students will have unlimited access to me when you need it.  The ability to simply ask a question and get an answer form an experienced senior photographer is what this is all about.  With specific office hours, you will be able to get help from your coach and mentor when you need it!   

an in-depth look at your website, social media and portfolio

Individual critiques


Having a strong online presence is vital to attracting your ideal client which is SENIORS!  I will take a look at your website, social media and portfolio and suggest small critiques of what you can do to elevate your online presence and give you the best shot at getting the senior inquiries and bookings you deserve!
The Individual Critiques will include:
+ A look at your social media channels, your profiles, your activity, your engagement and more to level up your social media!
+ An in-depth look at your website, all the pages, branding and more to make sure you are speaking to your ideal client.
+ Your photography portfolio, posing, editing and more to help you be the best you can be and stand out from the rest!  

getting together in person to put everything we have learned into action!

optional in-person retreat


There is nothing like being at an in-person retreat with like-minded photographers to really push you in the direction you and your business need to go!  This optional two day retreat will be held in May 2021 and will include:
+ In-person bonus education for Semester students
+ Time to work on your business with personalized attention from Leslie
+ A styled senior session!!  Who doesn't love the chance to shoot with guidance on posing, communicating, lighting and more?!  My models will be there for you to create amazing images to give your portfolio fresh content.
+ Branding photos for each student!!  You may not love to be in front of the camera but in front of the camera you need to be!  The branding photo session will give you updated headshots and other photos to use on your social media and website so you can show the person behind the business and attract clients.

Just like seniors in high school, you will graduate the program and receive a "diploma" that shows you and everyone that you completed the semester!


Bonus 3

A fun welcome kit just for you!  This will not only welcome you into the semester but give you some fun things to show off your commitment to the program!!

Semester Welcome kit

Bonus 2

A semester workbook that will help you and guide you through the entire semester!  Think of this as a place to do your best work aka your homework!  The homework will give you action items to do and keep you accountable.

Senior Business Workbook

Bonus 1

Bonus Content


The Seniorologie Semester is currently closed for enrollment.  Doors will open back up in the fall of 2021.  If you want to be the first to know when doors open back up, click below and enter your email!!   6-figure senior photography business!


The seniorologie semester is currently closed for enrollment until fall of 2021!

I started my business by photographing a little bit of everything from kids to pets to weddings and more.  I realized that my market did not know what senior portraits were and thought that the yearbook photos with the black drape was all they could have!!  I decided right then to create a senior market by offering something different and something no one in my area knew existed.  

After struggling for years to figure out what to do to create this market that didn't exist at the time and having tons and tons of questions with no one to turn to, I finally figured out through lots of trial and error what works!  And I have been growing my senior photography business ever since to become the go-to senior photographer in my area and consistently making six-figures each year!

I have a passion for helping other photographers do the same!  I help photographers from all over the world find the confidence to build a successful senior photography business they love!


Hey, I'm Leslie!

am a senior photographer who loves helping others grow their senior photography businesses!

to have my most productive workday.

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through a luxury senior photo experience. 

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who is so deserving of business success.



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Part Mastermind + Part Mentoring + Part Coaching + Part Workshop =

The Seniorologie Semester

leslie kerrigan Presents




to dream of a senior photography business that gives you freedom and flexibility to do what you want

to need answers to specific questions relevant to you and your business

to struggle to move your business forward and feel like what you are doing isn't working

to not have the confidence you need to run a successful senior photography business

to continue to run your business All alone, questioning if you are doing the righ thing or wondering if there is a better way

It can be overwhelming...

to turn that dream into a reality and actually have a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility to do what you want including take a vacation, pay yourself, save for your future and more!

to find the exact education you need relevant to you, your business and your unique situation

to make progress and elevate your business with proven strategies from someone who has been where you are 

to run your business With purpose, confidence and peace of mind

To run your business with a mentor to guide you in the right direction as well as a community of supportive peers cheering you on

...or it could be empowering!

- Jackie

"When I first started I had nothing, no website, no social media, nothing.  I reached out to several people online not knowing where to start to get help building my brand and my business.  She was so kind and so responsive, while others dismissed me or never got back to me.  I was a total stranger to her and she was always there to help.  Fast forward to a moment when I was freaking out, not knowing what to do so I quickly sent a DM to her and like magic she was there to help me.  Even now, if I am struggling in a moment I say to myself...what would Leslie do?  She gives me confidence I need, support I need and so much more!  I know there are so many out there to choose from but she truly has been a life saver and you will gain so much in friendship and business by working with her!"

"Finding Leslie and her seniorologie brand has been the best thing for my entire photography business, not just senior photography!"

"Real information and education from a real senior photographer running a real business."

- Kim

- lisa

"I am so thankful I invested in my education with Leslie!  She not only teaches in a way that is straight forward and direct but she teaches from a place of actually doing what she teaches!  Running a successful senior photography business herself allows her to give current information, tell us what works and doesn't work and she is able to share practices and strategies that she  is implementing in her business everyday!  She is constantly updating and giving valuable information that is relevant to my business!"

"I love leslie's style of teaching!"

Kind Words


Choose this option to make six monthly payments of $550 to get six months of education + a 2-day in-person retreat to elevate your senior photography business!

6 Monthly Payments of


Make one payment of $2995 to get six months of education + a 2-day in-person retreat to elevate your senior photography business!  This option has a savings of $300!!

One Payment of


Best Value!

Value Packed Educational Experience

A $7,000 Value for $2995

what's included:

6 monthly educational seminars

2 individual mentorship calls

unlimited email & voxer access to Leslie

Personalized critiques on website, social media & portfolio

online community for semester students

optional in-person retreat with styled senior shoot and more

actionable education to elevate your senior photography biz

The optional in-person retreat will include lodging and some meals as well as in-person education and a styled photoshoot.  

What's included in the in-person retreat?

Each month, I will host a seminar in which I will present educational information on the following topics:  Email Marketing For Senior Photographers, Social Media Marketing, Pricing, Client Experience, Creating a Brand Seniors Can't Resist, Senior Posing and more.

What topics will be covered in the seminars?

You will be receiving an email by January 11.  A retainer of one month of the Semester cost is required to secure your spot in the program.

When will I be notified that I am officially a semester student?

Because of the small, intimate number that will be enrolled I want to make sure that every student is committed not only to the program but to me and each other.  I want to ensure that each student is a good fit for the program and content so everyone gets the MOST out of this unique experience.

Are you choosing who will be the best fit for the mastermind?

Absolutely not!  All photographers are welcome and the content can be applied to any genre!

Do I have to be a full time photographer or only a senior photographer to participate?

The Semester will kick off January 2021 and finish in June 2021!  The in-person retreat will take place in May 2021.  All Seminars will take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 3 p.m. EST.

When does the semester begin and when do the seminars take place?

Frequently Asked Questions

Part Mastermind + Part Mentoring + Part Coaching + Part Workshop =

The Seniorologie Semester

Leslie kerrigan Presents