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A six month comprehensive coaching program with a step-by-step proven roadmap to success specifically for
high school senior photographers!

Finally, a program that will give you everything you need to be THE go-to senior photographer!

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I get it...running a business can sometimes be overwhelming and you may not know what you should do next to move your business forward. 

You've joined the free groups and gotten some answers but were left wondering if they were the right answers for you. 

You bought a few online courses hoping they would help, but they only gave you one piece of the puzzle.

Maybe you have been DIY-ing it for a while, trying to find quick fixes only to still be left overwhelmed because it feels like you are piecing your business together. 

It's time to follow a step-by-step plan to build the successful senior photography business you deserve.

THE Seniorologie semester IS ABOUT YOU.

And now you are finally ready to:

Have someone guide you
Show you the right steps to take and the ones to avoid
You are ready to specialize in seniors
Book your calendar full of your dream senior clients
Be profitable in your business.

template library

private community

Group coaching calls

Recorded Lessons

Quick Look At What's Inside The Seniorologie Semester:

Semester student wins!

These could be your wins too!!

The Seniorologie Semester is for the photographer who wants to...

Have a consistent marketing plan that speaks directly to your dream client

create a website and brand that converts leads to booked clients

Price your work for profit and make a living doing what you love

create a system that allows you to work smarter not harder

have a calendar full of booked high school senior clients

build the successful and profitable business you know you deserve

let's do this together!

this is what I want!
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I am a senior portrait photographer and educator who consistently books 4-figure senior clients and I'm the go-to senior photographer in my area.

After years of trial and error and time spent searching for (and not finding) education to help me in my business, I finally uncovered what it takes to build a profitable and successful senior photography business and I want to help you do the same.

The Seniorologie Semester is everything I wish I had when I was searching for education and everything I use in my own business to fill my calendar with senior clients who value the experience I offer.

It is possible to build a business that works for you, that makes a profit and that gives you the life you dream of!  If I can do it...SO CAN YOU!  

I'm pouring all my passion into every student.

I've got 15+ years of senior photography experience to share.

Hey y'all!!  I'm Leslie!

"I can not recommend The Seniorologie Semester enough!!  Leslie is more than just a coach!  She is a confidant, a cheerleader, and a wealth of knowledge.  Best decision I made for my business!"

"Best decision I made for my biz!"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The absolute BEST decision and investment I have made in my business!  Leslie is so generous with her time and her knowledge.  She not only taught me and coached me during the Semester but she continues to teach, guide and cheer me on.  It's obvious that helping photographers learn and grow is her passion.  I would do it again in a heartbeat!!"

"I have no doubt Leslie truly cares!"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I loved my Semester experience!  Leslie is an exceptional business coach and genuinely cares for each one of us.  She doesn't hold back on guiding and sharing info so we succeed in our own businesses.  So worth the investment!!"

"Leslie does not hold back!"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★



Join a community of photographers who are supportive, encouraging and building successful businesses.


The Seniorologie Semester is a comprehensive coaching program for senior photographers who are committed to building a successful and profitable senior portrait business in the next six months.

Here is what you get access to when you enroll:

7 Step Roadmap To Senior PHotography Success

2 group coaching calls per month

private community of support

template library

private material reviews

Semester students get access to all 7 steps to senior photography success in the form of easy to digest, fluff-free, actionable video lessons that cover marketing, branding, spokesmodel teams, pricing, the senior experience, setting up your systems, email marketing, blogging, SEO and more!

The group coaching calls give us time to not only get to know each other but give each student a chance to share what they are working on, tackle any business issues that arise, get feedback, ask questions and more.  You will receive live coaching and support to help you in your business. 

This can be a lonely business but it does not have to be.  One of the most important things you can do for your business is find a community of support from like-minded photographers who have similar goals.  This community is there to hold you accountable, listen, answer questions, give feedback, cheer you on and support you every step of the way.

The template library is your ultimate resource for all things senior photography.  The library contains done-for-you guides, fully-designed magazines, copy and paste emails, blog posts and social media captions and so much more.  Simply drag and drop your images or copy and paste the copy directly into a blog post, email or social media post!

Full reviews of your website, social media, portfolio, pricing and more!  Sometimes you need another set of eyes and an honest look at what you putting out there to make sure it is the best it can be in order to attract your ideal client!  You will receive video reviews of anything you want me to personally review to help you in your business.

this is not just a course but a

for your senior photography business with a coach who is with you

I will hold your hand and guide you towards the

six month comprehensive program

every step of the way!

business you deserve to have!

apply now!

building a brand & website that attracts seniors


learn how to cultivate a brand that attracts today's senior by discovering your brand's differentials, your brand's message, Your brand's perceived value and how to use these to build a website that prompts seniors to book while also ranking on google!

the ultimate senior client experience


from inquiry to ordering session and beyond, you will learn how to make sure your clients receive an unforgettable experience they want to share with all their friends.

building systems, workflows & automation


set up a stress-free system to keep track of inquiries, client info, contracts, invoicing and more.  Create inquiry and shoot workflows to stay organized, send emails automatically and give your clients excellent customer service.

pricing for profit & sales


learn how to calculate your cost of doing business so you can price with confidence and make a profit.  I will walk you through creating collections with products clients want and transition to in-person ordering.  You will be able to confidently charge what you are worth and handle pricing objections.

Marketing & messaging


learn what marketing strategies work and create a marketing plan that speaks directly to your ideal client.  Learn how to set up a consistent blog strategy that boosts seo, use pinterest to bring in clients, understand the purpose of social media to build a following and create email marketing campaigns to book your calendar with seniors.

successful model teams


build a successful model team that creates buzz for your business, fills your calendar with paying clients, provides content to market to your ideal client and creates an atmosphere seniors want to be a part of.

booking senior clients


How to confidently book senior clients to fill your calendar season after season to become the go-to senior photographer in your area.

the posing formula
for senior clients


you will never have to pinterest cram right before a session, never forget poses and always be able to guide your senior clients through a flow of posing that they will not only feel comfortable doing but look great doing each pose!

The Spokesmodel Academy


this full course gives you everything you need to create, build and run a successful model team including a step-by-step launch plan to help you find the right models for your team, create buzz for your business and fill your calendar with paying senior clients.

the semester workbook


your complete guide throughout the semester program!  This workbook is full of education and steps to creating the senior photography business of your dreams.  You will be able to use this workbook to take actionable steps toward reaching your goal of building a successful and profitable senior photography business.

what will i learn?

what will i learn?

That's ok!  Life happens, which is why students have access to all the materials for the life of the program.  And I am the type of coach that believes once you are a student, you are always a student so I will be here for you when you need me!

The Seniorologie Semester no longer includes an in-person retreat.  This program is online only with zoom calls and online video lessons.  As of November 2023, no in person retreat is included in the Semester program.  Semester Graduates will have the opportunity to attend a Reunion Retreat once a year for an additional cost.

what if I get off track with the homework or implementing the systems?

Is there an in person Retreat with this program?

Yes!  All the recorded lessons will be available to Semester students to dive into immediately.

Will i get access to all the lessons at once?

Typical online courses either only cover one subject or don't have the accountability factor to them to make sure you actually implement what is taught.  With this program, you receive 6 months of intensive coaching to fix any problems you may have in your business, set up systems for your business and have a coach who will hold your hand and give you the exacts steps to take to create the business you have been wanting.  You will have access to me to answer any and all questions and get the help you need in your business.  I fully believe that you will make back your investment during out six months together.  If you are committed, follow the roadmap and incorporate the systems taught, it will help you in your business!

I've bought courses and programs before and they didn't work.  will this help me in my business?

The application process is a way that ensures that everyone who joins the Semester is committed and ready to make a change in their business.  I want all students to be at a point where this program can and will help them succeed.  By filling out the application, I am able to see exactly what you need help with and make sure that not only are you the right fit for the program to see success but that I am the right fit for you as your coach!  Your success is my success!

why do i need to apply?

If I could go back to when I had only been in business a few years and have the opportunity to have someone help me set up my business the right way from the start, I would!!  This program is designed to help those who have only been in business a little while as well as those that have been in business longer.  

Each group coaching call is recorded and all students have access to the recording via our Semester Student Hub.  You will be able to watch it as many times as you want and all the lessons are recorded for you to watch and rewatch too.

what if I have only been in business a few years or I'm not completely specialized in seniors yet?

What if I can't make a Group coaching call...will I still be able to get the info?

If you are swamped, this may be the perfect thing for you because when you go through this program you are going to learn how to set up your business to allow you to work smarter not harder with the goal to give you more time for friends, family and yourself!  The time commitment is up to you.  The videos are short, to the point, no fluff lessons so you won't spend a ton of time watching those.  The homework will vary from student to student.  There is a lot of material but everything is laid out in a way that you can break it up into small chunks of time.

what if i am swamped and not sure i have time? what is the time commitment?

Frequently Asked Questions

The ONLY program you need to create the 4-figure per client, fully-booked senior photography business you deserve! 

The Seniorologie Semester

Leslie kerrigan Presents

still not sure if this is right for you?  DM me and let's chat!!  (@seniorologie)