Video education provided by industry leaders to help photographers learn and grow their business

seniorologie summit

Seniorologie Summit

industry leaders working together to provide free education for photographers

friday, march 27
8:00 aM Eastern Standard Time

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Who you will learn from:

Photographers from around the country have come together to provide free education to help you during this time.

Sean Brown
diving into the basics of tik tok

Laylee Emadi
developing time management and scheduling skills

Elisabeth Zantopolous
Instagram stories with a purpose

Leslie Kerrigan
marketing through education

Emil Rodriguez-powell
Get Shit Done!

Carissa Davis
Photoshop toolbox - more than a preset

Kia Bondurant
cute and caring crisis messaging:  how to balance the joy of senior year with crazy times

Renee bowen
gen z latest trends

Brittini schroeder
seo for beginners

Melissa lynn hunt
continuing to connect

Stephanie kase
Youtube for beginners

Matt hoaglin
Now what?  what you can do to save your business

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seniorologie semester

Seniorologie's six month intentsive educational program to help you build a successful, profitable senior photography business

Hey Y'all! I'm Leslie and I am passionate about helping photographers become the go-to senior photographer in their area and build a successful senior portrait business!

I remember when I first decided to specialize in high school seniors.  I had doubt, I didn't know what I was doing and there wasn't a lot of info out there.  So I decided to figure it out and share what I learned along the way so you could have a complete resource for your business.

I want to see you create a senior portrait business of your dreams and cheer you on every step of the way!

Leslie Kerrigan

about the educator

Senior photographer & educator

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"I'm so excited to share my success story with you! As a graphic designer, I've longed for a community of my own. The Collective Creative Community offers community, online meet-ups, resources, and so much more. I've grown my business and my network ten-fold as a result of my community membership! "



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"I feel so lucky to have learned about Collective Creative Community. This community has made all the difference for me and for my business. I've created lasting friendships, had access to one-of-a-kind opportunities, and so much more. I'm beyond grateful for this membership and community. It's a game-changer!"



Disclaimer - This workshop is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to advertising and launching your model program.  Results are not guaranteed or typical.  A lot of hard work is involved.  At the end of the workshop, a program will be offered for purchase. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions