Today is part two of a series from one of our Conference 12 speakers, Olivia Renee. Olivia runs a successful senior portrait business in Portland, Oregon and is known for her incredibly successful senior rep program. As a preview of what you could learn from her class at Conference 12, I asked her to write a series of blog posts. Check out the second of six all having to do with rep programs! Thanks for sharing Olivia!! And if you would like to join us in Scottsdale, Arizona October 22-25, 2015 for an amazing conference experience, check out There are only a small amount of spots left before we are completely sold out!!

The Spokesmodel Interview

I always interview the girls who want to be on my Senior Model team. It’s so important that I get to meet them first and see their personalities in person. It’s hard to determine who will fit my brand the best and really make the best Senior Model just by reading an application.

Invite the girls you are pretty sure about to an interview, it could be individual or a group setting to make it less stressful. You don’t have to interview them like it’s for a job, but just chat about television shows or music or shopping and get a feel for who they are. If you do your interview in a group setting, it’s great to be able to see how girls interact with each other. You can see who is outgoing even in a new situation or who is totally shy and doesn’t want to participate in the conversation or who is overpowering everyone and not letting anyone else speak. This is especially important if your Senior Model program has a lot of group events! You want girls who will be outgoing enough to start up new friendships and who will click and get along well with the group.

The interview is also very helpful to see who among your applicants takes your Senior Model program seriously. You can tell so much by how they show up (Were they on time? Did they wear something cute and put together?) or if they show up at all! Requiring some sort of interview is the easiest way to sort out the flakey candidates from the serious ones. The flakey applicants who don’t really care about being part of your program probably won’t even show up. Having some sort of meet and greet or interview sets the tone that the girls should take being in your program seriously and then you will be able to find the most responsible and reliable girls out of your applicants which will make your Senior Model group that much more successful and enjoyable!


Topic Tuesday – {The Spokesmodel Interview}


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