Senior Rep Inspiration – {Brittany Lauren Photography}

May 22, 2013

We are starting a new series on Seniorologie for the next few weeks that shows off the beautiful images captured by senior photographers during a senior rep or model shoot.  Senior Rep shoots can be one big shoot with all your models or individuals of each model.  Either way, the photos submitted by senior photographers across the country are all inspirational!

Today’s inspiration comes from Brittany Salay of Brittany Lauren Photography.  Brittany won a seat to the Seniorologie Tour Texas and I have loved watching her continue to grow in her photography business.

Brittany’s rep shoot was a concept taken from my all time favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz!  What a creative way to incorporate a theme!  These images capture the theme without being completely literal and I absolutely love that.  The way Brittany portrayed each major character from the movie using today’s fashions and modern posing is brilliant!  Check out what Brittany had to say about the shoot, how she came up with the idea and how her reps/models participate in her rep program.  Thanks for sharing Brittany!!

How did you come up with the theme for your rep shoot?
I was deliriously tired at the airport waiting on my plane leaving WPPI.  I was full of inspiration from all of the amazing speakers from the week and thought that would be the best time to contemplate a theme.  I wanted it to be something people would recognize and relate to, something recent but hadn’t been done.  I googled recent movies and The Great and Powerful Oz was one of them.  I started writing down all the main characters and realized it would be a great fit for the 6 girls and 1 boy models I had this year.  I thought it would be fun to give them a more modern twist just like the new movie did compared to the original.
What is your favorite thing about this session?
I love that each Senior has a different look but together they tell a story that everyone recognizes. 
Where did this photo shoot take place?
In a family friend’s property.  She has large fields we had several setups in.  It rained ALL day so luckily she has a small hay bail barn we shot in waiting for the rain to break.  We only had a 45 minute window to shoot in the field with 4 different setups.

Did you collaborate with this senior to come up with the clothing and/or concept for this shoot?
I created a look book with outfits and accessories for each Model and had them send pictures of things in their closets that might work.  I then contacted a great local upscale consignment boutique to help bring each look together.  I also made the tulle skirt for the Scarecrow look!

What camera, lens or other equipment was used for this shoot?
Canon 5d Mark iii
50mm 1.4
70-200mm 2.8

What time of day were these taken?

Can you share any post-processing techniques used when editing this session?
I do minor corrections in Camera Raw and run my favorite Paint the Moon action.

How did you find your reps?
I had an application up on my website and Facebook page.  Because this was my first year starting a rep program, I knew I would have to get creative to get the word out.  I reached out to several people I knew in the area and asked them to nominate students they thought would be a good fit.
How many different high schools do you have represented with your reps?
5 different high schools
What qualities do you look for in a rep?
Involved in their communities and schools, well rounded, sweet, outgoing, has a good heart, likes being in front of the camera!
Could you share the incentives that your reps get for referrals?
After 3 referrals, each rep will receive a complimentary senior session.  They also receive $25 to spend as they’d like for each referral and their parents receive $25 print/product credit towards their final order.
How many years have you done a rep program for your senior portrait business?
This is the very first year!
What is one tip that you would give another photographer on how to build a successful senior rep program?
Really get to know your reps, make it fun, interactive and personal