Seniorologie People's Choice Awards

February 25, 2015


After a brief delay in announcing the winners due to the overwhelming number of images and amount of time that our judges needed to go through each and every one of the images, we are finally ready to announce the winners!!

Before we do, I just want to thank each and every one who entered this contest.  And thank you all for your patience with waiting on the results!

The Seniorologie People’s Choice Awards 2015 was a contest that allowed us to gain some insight into what teens, parents and pros look for in an image.  I heard a lot of comments, especially from the teens and the parents, about what they like and don’t like in an image.

Almost all of the ones I heard from said they love to see senior’s having fun in their images and they love the images where they felt they could see and feel who that senior was by looking at the image.  They were not big fans of the overly posed images or the ones with the hands near the face as they felt it wasn’t natural.

These are tidbits of information that we can all learn from in order to create images that our clients and their parents (not other photographers) want.  And by creating images that our clients and their parents want, we will sell more and continue to gain more clients.

I think the biggest lesson we could learn from this is to stay true to your style and not conform to what the industry makes you think clients want and remember your client first and foremost.  Find out who she or he is, what are her (or his) interests and create a photo shoot that allows the viewer of the final images to gain a little insight into her or his personality.

Now, without further adieu, the winners of the Seniorologie People’s Choice Awards….We had 10 Categories and three winners in each of these categories – The Teen Choice Winner, The Parent Choice Winner and The Pro Choice Winner, allowing 30 Different Winners!

A special, huge THANK YOU to our AMAZING JUDGES!!!  It took a lot of time out of their busy schedules to go through these images and to carefully judge them to the best of their ability!  I can not thank them enough for participating!!!  Seniorologie Loves You!!

All winners are final.  The judges based their decisions on a set of criteria for each image, giving each image a score for each criteria.  The final decisions were made according to the scores the images received.  The winners will be contacted by those giving prizes.

Backlighting Category

Teen Choice Winner – Jessica Blex Photography


Parent Choice Winner – Clara Bella Photography


Pro Choice Winner – Violet Ray Photography


BFF  Session Category

Teen Choice Winner – Jared Rey Photography


Parent Choice Winner – Golden Girl Photography


Pro Choice Winner – Brooke Daniels Photography


Black and White Image Category

Teen Choice Winner – SilverBox Seniors


Parent Choice Winner – Alloy Photography


Pro Choice Winner – Shabby Jack Photography


Color Image Category

Teen Choice Winner – Tara Mesyn Photography


Parent Choice Winner – Christina Ramirez Photography


Pro Choice Winner – Alicia Haskew Photography


Concept Image Category

Teen Choice Winner – Lindsay Horn Photography


Parent Choice Winner – Stephanie Rogers Photography


Pro Choice Winner – Kim Stiffler Photography


Senior Girl Category

Teen Choice Winner – Moxie Designs


Parent Choice Winner – Olivia Renee Photography


Pro Choice Winner – Joie Photographie


Senior Boy Category

Teen Choice Winner – Renee Marchelle Photography



Parent Choice Winner – Susan Kendall Photography


Pro Choice Winner – Glerum Photography


Senior Model Shoot Category

Teen Choice Winner – Stacey Kyler Photography


Parent Choice Winner – Pink Owl Photography Louisville


Pro Choice Winner – Jen Sinclair Photography


Special Interest/Hobby Category

Teen Choice Winner – Christine Long Photography


Parent Choice Winner – Katie Myrick Photography


Pro Choice Winner – Carrie Anne Photography


Studio Lighting Category

Teen Choice Winner – Maria Vallejo Photography


Parent Choice Winner – Audrey Boehme Photography


Pro Choice Winner – Photography by Galicia