The Seniorologie Podcast Episode 25 – Your Business To Do List

Now is the time to grow your business!  What?  Yes, it is time to do the work to move your business forward not sit back and hope this situation ends soon!

On today’s episode, I go through the things that should be on every senior photographer’s business to do list right now!  Sitting back is not an option if you want to continue to run a successful business so I am giving you a to do list of items to tackle right now while we have some down time of not shooting.  These things will ensure that your business is ready for when you are back shooting and busier than ever!

The Seniorologie Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Leslie Kerrigan, creator of Seniorologie, for high school senior photographers.  Whether you are just starting out or you have been photographing seniors for a while, The Seniorologie Podcast is your resource for all things senior photography related.

Highlights from Episode 25:

  • Educate Yourself!  No matter where you are in your business, you can always learn more and now is the perfect time to do that.  Whether you have been wanting to add studio lighting to your business but haven’t had the time to learn or you want to add a spokesmodel program but don’t know where to start, learning about these things can help you push  your business forward during this time.  There are many online resources with both free resources and paid online courses available.  Seniorologie has lots of free options such as past podcast episodes, free downloads, blog posts and more as well as online courses on both social media for senior photographers and senior spokesmodel teams.  Click HERE for all the educational resources available.
  • Join an online community!  Connecting with other like-minded photographers is super important right now.  Maybe you never had the time to fully invest in an online community but now you do!  Don’t just join one, participate!  The best way to get the most out of the different communities out there is to participate by posting, commenting and asking questions!  Share what you are up to, share some things that have worked for you or ask questions.  You may just find that others are wondering the same thing!  You can join The Seniorologie Community on Facebook by clicking HERE.
  • Pivot and offer something new!  What can you offer your senior clients that you have never offered before?  Maybe you only sell digital files with your photo sessions, now is the time to consider offering prints.  Reach out to past clients and let them know that they can purchase prints now!  Offer yard signs as a way to help your seniors feel special during this time and celebrate their accomplishment.  Brainstorm ideas for what you can do or offer your clients during this time!
  • Update your marketing materials!  Many of us put this off during busy season because it takes a lot of time to update or create these things!  But making sure your marketing materials are fresh and up to date is super important.  Each year you have more photos, so make sure you are changing out the photos in your marketing materials.  Maybe you have had some things change in what you are offering or in your policies and procedures so be sure to update those.  Take this time to really make sure your marketing materials are ready to send out when you get busy again!
  • Update or create a client workflow!  If you have just gotten by with taking each client as they come and not really sticking to a set system that takes you from inquiry to ordering session and beyond, now is the time to create a specific organized system.  Take this time to create email templates to send to your clients.  Look into systems such as Honeybook to see how they can help you get organized.  I personally use a system I created and I share it with you on this episode.
  • Show up on social!  It is more important than ever to let your clients see you and get to know you through social media!  They want to know what you are up to, how you are handling this situation and how you can help them during this time.  Seeing your face, interacting with you through your posts and stories and knowing you are there for them will keep you in their minds during this time.  Show up for them and create a relationship with them via social media!

If you need more help with how to Show Up On Social right now, I have a FREE challenge just for you!  The Show Up On Social Free 7-Day Challenge starts Monday, April 20 and I would love for you to join me!!  I will give you free lessons and challenges each day to help you create a consistent social media plan and even give you specific post prompts for seven days so you don’t have to worry about what to post!!  This challenge will help you start to create a habit of showing up consistently on social and knowing exactly what to post!  To sign up, click HERE and you will receive daily emails for seven days to help you Show Up On Social!!

If you enjoyed this episode, I would love to hear from you!!  Share your thoughts on social, tag @seniorologie and you just might be featured on our Instagram!! If you are doing one of the items on this business to-do list, let me know by sharing it on social and tagging @seniorologie!  Or if you are doing your own to-do list items, share that with me to!  I want to hear from you!!

If you are looking to connect with other senior photographers, check out The Seniorologie Community on Facebook and join for free.  It is a great place to ask questions, get to know one another and support each other.  And if you need someone to talk to, reach out to me!  I am here for you!  You can email me at or DM me on Instagram @seniorologie!  I am happy to listen, talk, and support you however you need!!

Stay safe everyone!!

Much love,


Seniorologie Podcast Episode 25 – Your Business To Do List


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