Social Media, Seniors and The Creep Factor: Ep. 47 of the Seniorologie Podcast about how to DM potential senior clients without being creepy!

A question I’m asked a lot in my DMs and Seniorologie Facebook community is whether or not you should be contacting seniors (who are teens!) on social media. Let’s face it, no one wants to be creepy while they’re online!  So we always wrestle with the idea of whether or not it’s creepy to DM potential clients on Instagram, and I get it. Today, on Episode 47 of the Seniorologie Podcast, I’m diving into how you can DM potential senior clients without being creepy! 

Know the rules!

Instagram has just issued some new safety protocols to help protect teens using the app.  Adults can’t DM teens if the teen doesn’t follow the adult.  This is great news for parents of teens because it helps keep our children safe and gets rid of all the inappropriate messages teens can sometimes get.  But it doesn’t mean we as photographers can’t DM teens.  It just means we need to follow them and they need to follow us first.

If they follow you first…

Then it’s probably the perfect opportunity to DM them! They followed you, which is a way to show that they’re interested in what you have to offer. You can like or comment on their photos and send a DM without it seeming creepy, in my opinion! Remember, social media’s purpose is to be social so if someone follows you, you are allowed to be social with that person. However, a DM should not become a hard core sale attempt… not only is that just bad form, it could result in them unfollowing you! 

Connection factor!

When you DM someone, if it’s out of nowhere – it can seem kind of creepy. But if they’re following you and you know that you are in some way connected to them, use that. Maybe you captured their best friend’s photos or know her family. Maybe your kid had the same teacher or coach. Something that connects you can be super effective in reducing the creep factor!

Have photos of you on your Instagram!

When someone receives a DM from another user they don’t know, the first thing they’re going to do is go to your account and see who you are! If you have some photos of yourself on your account, it’s going to clearly show you’re a professional and have a business. Seeing someone’s face is a HUGE way to reduce the creepiness of a DM.

Link your website.

The next thing someone does if they get a random DM is to check out the profile’s bio and links. So, have your professional website on your profile! It’s an easy way to establish your credibility and share that you’re a professional – and not some scammer.

Comment on your clients’ + models’ photos!

By making it clear that you’re a real person who has real relationships with your clients, it makes it much easier for someone to feel comfortable with your DMs. Make sure you’re watching for and engaging with any images you see from sessions you’ve photographed. It’s a great way to also stay fresh in potential clients minds, too!

In the world of social media, remember that forming a relationship with seniors through social media is key. It can feel overwhelming and strange at first, but by using a few of these easy tips, you’ll find it gets much easier with them!  Work to be social and start to build a relationship where they know, like and trust you. That’s the best way to DM potential senior clients and eliminate the creep factor altogether! 

tips to DM potential senior portrait clients

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Episode 47 - Social Media, Seniors and The Creep Factor on the Seniorologie Podcast





Episode 47 – Social Media, Seniors and The Creep Factor

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