If you’re struggling to get leads for your senior photography business, then today’s podcast episode is for you! I’m sharing tips on how to get more leads for your business because let’s be real, we know we need those leads to stay booked and keep our businesses going! Before we get too far into everything, let’s clarify what a lead is. A lead is simply a person who’s interested in your services. So, for us that’s people who want senior portraits with us. This can be someone who messages you online or sends in a form. The bottom line is, it’s someone asking about your services.

How do we generate leads?

To generate leads, we have to create awareness. I once had a business coach who likened it to a party. If you don’t invite anyone to your party, how will they know to come? You’ll be stuck eating all the goodies alone and no one wants that. The same idea applies to your business. If you aren’t sharing about it, how will anyone know about it? We have to create a strategic marketing plan that allows us to consistently create awareness with potential clients. Once we create awareness we then create interest, desire and action. There’s so many ways a potential client can become aware of us – but what’s important is we need them to be interested in us so they actually inquire (and book!).

Where to find leads as a senior photographer

When it comes to senior photography, we have two types of clients or leads… the senior and the mom. It is important to get in front of both of these types of clients and get them interested in what we have to offer. Moms are often on Facebook and teens are on Instagram or TikTok. By creating a consistent presence on these platforms you can turn awareness of you into interest. Share you brand message, speak directly to your potential client, and let them know what you can do for them! Your messaging needs to be all about your potential client or lead. Not about you. And you should be creating interest in you by developing relationships and allowing these potential clients to get to know you.

Once a potential client or lead becomes interested in you and what you offer, they start to have a desire to work with you. By sharing what it is like on a shoot, how you help your clients, how you interact with your clients, you create a desire that this potential client also wants to have that experience with you.Now that you have created that desire to work with you, that’s when the action takes place. That person contacts you to inquire and becomes a lead that you can convert to a booking.

The harsh reality…

Not all leads turn into a booked client. But the good news is… that’s ok! There is not one photographer out there that turns 100% of their leads into booked clients! It’s just not possible! And not every person that inquires is the best fit for us. But knowing that doesn’t necessarily make it easier when we don’t book a lead!

The actual number of leads you want to be getting will vary from business to business, but just remember: you don’t need them all to book!

How to Generate More Leads

Let’s talk about generating more leads…. the best way to do this is to use multiple sources to generate leads and not just one. You’ve heard the idea of not putting all your eggs in one basket and that definitely applies here.  Here are 7 ways to generate more leads:

Blogging: I know blogging is the first thing to go when we’re busy but blogging improves your SEO, which allows people to find you on Google!

Pinterest: Use those blogs to put content on Pinterest. You’d be surprised how many moms and seniors are looking there for inspiration for their own sessions.

Vendor Relationships: Are there local vendors you can work with that might refer you to their clients? Think about local boutiques, hair and make up artists, or venues where you work often. Cultivate those relationships so you can work together!

Referrals and social proof: This is a HUGE one for me. If your clients are talking about you, those family members and friends will start coming to you, too! If you provide a great client experience, they can’t help but talk about you and before you know, more leads will be coming in!

Model Program: This goes hand in hand with your social proof! Model teams are meant to share about you. Build a strong model program so they can’t help but talk about you!!

Social Media: Instagram, TikTok and Facebook are great lead generators, but remember to avoid putting your eggs in one basket! Be consistent, show up, and help people know who you and your business are!

Your Inner Circle: I think that this is really overlooked for us senior photographers. Remember when you first started in business and asked everyone and anyone for referrals? Keep asking them!

The Bottom Line

Generating more leads can definitely result in booking more clients! The bottom line is really this: in order to generate leads for your senior photography business you have to consistently let people know about you and what you offer! You can’t just sit back and wait on the phone to ring or hope you hear that email ding. You have to consistently market your business so that you create awareness, interest and nudge potential clients to take action. Remember, you have to invite people to the party so you aren’t left sitting alone eating all those snacks, but rather creating conversation and building relationships with people so they won’t think about booking anyone else for their senior photos!

how to generate more leads as a senior photographer

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Ep. 59 – How to Generate More Leads for your Senior Photography Business


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