Let’s face it… when it comes to running a photography business, one of the hardest things to figure out is pricing! Pricing is so personal. And, we tend to have all kinds of emotions wrapped up with money that it can make it difficult to charge the right amount for our services. I really do get it. I used to be the photographer who charged $75 and gave all of my images. It’s taken me years to get where I am and feel confident about my pricing. So today, we’re going to share 3 common fears about raising your prices and what to do about them.

#1 Fear: “If I raise my prices, no one will book.”

In my opinion, if you raise your prices you SHOULD be booking less than before. I won’t sugarcoat it, you may not book the same type of clients if you raise your prices. There are definitely people out there that want cheaper options… and that’s okay. We can’t be the photographer for everyone – nor can we physically photography anyone anyway! The way to combat this fear is to add value to your packages, and not just raise your prices. This will help you feel more secure in the price change.

How do you add value so you can significantly raise your prices?

Look the part! Make sure your branding, website and more look professional. Invest in your brand, and make sure to share what makes working with you unique and worth the money.

Enhance your senior experience! There are ways to give more without giving too much – and without costing you a lot of money! What are things you can add to your senior experience that will take care of your clients, make them feel like they are part of a luxurious expensive experience without costing you tons of money? Consider swapping to a call instead of an email template for something. Maybe you can do consultations or offer heirloom products.

Switch to in person sales instead of all inclusive to give more value to your clients! By adding in person sales, you are giving your client another opportunity to feel taken care of and you are giving them a chance to order products instead of just digital images. There is nothing wrong with digitals but if it is the only thing you offer you may not be creating the high value experience that you could be creating.

The bottom line is that if you want to combat the fear of not booking clients at a higher price, then make sure you are adding in value so that the more expensive price makes sense. Offering the same exact service at a much higher price won’t get you booked. But offering a better more luxurious and higher quality experience will get you booked at those higher prices.

#2 Fear: “What if a current client won’t use me again?”

When it comes to senior photography, there’s a good chance you’ve worked with a family before. Maybe you’ve photographed the older sibling or cousin, or best friend. I know it’s easy to be afraid that because you changed pricing between sessions, the family won’t use you again. But you have to remember that you were still learning, growing and gaining experience. With each year you are in business, you’ve grown, learned and improved! With these things comes charging more! There are tons of reasons why your prices should increase as you continue in your business. It’s normal.

So when it comes to raising your prices and combatting the fear of not getting repeat clients because of the price increase, know why you are increasing your pricing and tell them that. It’s okay to break down exactly why things have changed. Remember to show the change in value!

One thing I highly recommend when it comes to raising your prices for high school seniors, is to do it when the class changes. All I mean is that you don’t want two 2022 seniors comparing prices. So change it with the new class.

Fear #3: “I’m not good enough to charge more money.”

The last fear I want to talk about when it comes to raising your prices is feeling that you aren’t good enough to charge a higher price. But remember: it’s about giving more value for the pricing – and a little self-confidence. It is a proven fact that people buy from people. So you could have the most amazing, technically correct photos and still not get booked… or you could be an award-winning photographer and have a poor client experience. The absolute best photos aren’t enough. You have to combine great photos that your clients love.

Ask yourself what can you do for your clients that no one else can. If you can be confident in the way you treat your clients, the experience you provide, the products you offer and the way your clients feel about the photos you provide then you deserve to be paid for that.

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Common Fears About Raising Your Prices as a Senior Photographer: Episode 73 on the Seniorologie Podcast hosted by Leslie Kerrigan


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Common Fears About Raising Your Prices as a Senior Photographer: Episode 73 on the Seniorologie Podcast hosted by Leslie Kerrigan

Ep 73 – 3 Common Fears about Raising Your Prices


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