how to lead your spokesmodel team

How To Lead Your Spokesmodel Team for Optimal Results

Are you working on starting a spokesmodel program for your senior photography business or revamping a program you already have? Either way, you’re in the right place! Today, I’m covering everything you need to know on how to lead your spokesmodel team for optimal results!  As a senior photographer with a spokesmodel program for over 10 years, I can confidently say that this program not only helped my business grow but made me the go-to senior portrait photographer in my area. 

Just a heads up, this episode is part of a four-part mini series on my spokesmodel program. So, if you haven’t listened to episode#81, I recommend starting there first! 

Alright, let’s jump in! 

How To Lead Your Spokesmodel Team for Optimal Results

Creating the Experience

Creating an experience for your models can be time-consuming, but it truly is the backbone of your program! It’s important to create an experience that is authentic to you and your business. At the end of the day, your spokesmodel program should be reflective of your business and your spokesmodel mission statement. Give podcast episode#81, a listen for more on creating your very own spokesmodel mission statement.

No matter how you plan to create an experience for your spokesmodels, be intentional along the way. Strive to get to know one another, becoming more like a family throughout the year you’ll spend together. Remember that this is a special experience for your spokesmodels, as they round out their final years of high school. This is a time in their lives they will remember forever, and you get to be a part of it by creating a unique experience for them.

Photoshoots & Events

Make them fun – Photoshoots can be a lot of work, but remember to keep them fun for your models. 

Involve your models – Typically, your models will love to be involved in the creative process and they enjoy helping out.

Document and share the process – Take the opportunity to grab and invite your models to capture behind-the-scenes content. This can help future models see what the program is all about. 

Plan shoots strategically – Shoots can give both you and your models marketing material, social media content, and more when planned strategically.

Keep teens in mind – When thinking of concepts for shoots, think like your audience. Be sure to involve your models by asking them for their ideas.

Space shoots out – Hold various shoots throughout the year so that both you and your models have a revolving amount of updated content to share.

Turnaround time – Be as quick as possible, so your models can share quickly.

Types of Photoshoots

There are several types of photoshoots you can hold throughout the year with your models to capture content. Here are some of the shoots that have worked well for my business over the years. I’ve also found that some of these are crowd favorites! 

Headshot Shoots: Hold a headshot shoot first. That way you can quickly give your models content to post an announcement that they’re a part of your team. This shoot starts off their year as a spokesmodel and helps them begin to promote you and your business. 

Group Styled Shoots: A great way to include all your models! This shoot should have a clear concept that is different from a normal senior photo session. Make it a fun day by including professional hair and make up, spend time with the models throughout the process, eat a meal together, play music, and more! 

Individual Senior Sessions: Every model will have their own individual senior photo session that’s exactly like one of your normal senior sessions. Add a special touch by planning specifically for each model in mind and make the shoot unique to them.

Mid-Year Holiday/Winter Photo Shoot: For a fun idea, create an easy photo shoot during the holidays to give as a gift to your models. This shoot can also provide both you and your model with content for the holidays, and content to post before you start recruiting your next team. 

Model Events: Level up your program and create an even better experience for your team by planning events for bonding, getting to know each other and becoming a family.

Event Ideas: 

  • Big Little Event: Where current models meet new models, give them advice and treat them like their little sisters.
  • Holidays: Celebrate the holidays together by hosting events such as a Friendsgiving dinner or a white elephant gift exchange.
  • Community Events: Join your models at events such as spirit week at their schools, community events, and more.


Ready for some homework?

  • Plan your shoots: Plan which shoots you will include, what type of shoots, and pick the dates in advance, if possible. 
  • Plan your events: Determine how many events you can fully commit to and have time for throughout the year.

Want to learn more about how to lead your spokesmodel team for optimal results and grow your senior photography business? Enroll in the Spokesmodel Academy today! The Spokesmodel academy guides you through creating a successful spokesmodel team including shoots, events, and more. While you’re there, check out my signature program The Seniorologie Semester, which includes the entire Spokesmodel Academy plus six months of coaching specifically for senior photographers.  This program includes recorded lessons on branding, websites that convert, marketing, social media, pricing, products and so much more!



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how to lead your spokesmodel team

Episode 83 – How To Lead Your Spokesmodel Team for Optimal Results

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