Last week I shared the NUMBER ONE tool that I use to drive results in my business….email marketing. I touched on how email marketing is a great way to grow your audience and reach, but today I want to dive into how you can specifically use email marketing to grow your contact list. Let’s talk about how to grow your email list in 30 days! 

How to Grow Your Email List in 30 Days

Here’s the Secret:

The secret to quickly growing your email list is a magical little thing called a lead magnet. If you haven’t heard this term before, it’s really just a fancy way of describing a free asset or a special deal offered to your potential clients in exchange for their contact information. Lead magnets are an excellent way to attract new clients and grow your contact list. It’s a win-win. Those who subscribe get something useful, and you get a list of potential new clients to connect with. Research has shown that lead magnets are a great tool to use, with 50% of marketers experiencing higher conversion rates when implementing them into their marketing strategy! Lead magnets can come in many forms such as a template, a mini-book or e-book, a checklist, a how-to guide, the list goes on! 

How to use a lead magnet: 

Firstly, the most important thing to remember when planning how to use a lead magnet is to consider what your audience needs the most. A good lead magnet should be relevant to your audience or industry. Using a broader lead magnet topic might get you more contacts, but those contacts might not be ideal clients for you. It’s better to use a lead magnet that is very specific to your niche clients, that way you don’t have to weed through any potential people down the road. Secondly, a good lead magnet should provide value. What is something you can offer your clients that no one else can? What makes you stand out from the crowd? What is some information you know that your clients couldn’t easily get elsewhere? 

Lead magnets help position you as an expert within your industry. As a result of this, it’s important to remain trustworthy. Any information you provide in your lead magnet should be backed up with research or experience. I recommend setting up your lead magnet to be easily shareable. This will help you get even more leads! If someone who downloads your lead magnet really likes it, they can then just copy the link to share with someone else they know! 

And don’t forget, you don’t want to provide too much to your contacts! Your lead magnet works hand in hand with you to draw new clients in. If you give away too much information, they may not reach out to you to book. They may think, “I can take my child’s senior photos myself!” Or they may just take what you’ve given them and go to someone else. Draw people in, establish yourself as the expert, and leave them wanting more from you! 

Creating your Own Lead Magnet:

You’ve narrowed down your audience and what they need. You maybe even took some time to scope out what your competitors are offering and doing on their websites and social pages. Now it’s time to turn on the creative juices and create your own lead magnet! You may already have some ideas popping into your head, but if you need a little inspiration, here are just a few quick ideas for lead magnets. I would encourage you to not just take one of these ideas and call it a day, but really consider what fits best within your brand, what will target your audience the best, and of course, make it your own! 

Lead magnet ideas:

  • 5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Senior Photography Session
  • 5 Things Not to Do at Your Senior Photography Session 
  • What to Include in Your Senior Photography Session to Make Your Personality Shine – outfits, props, and more! 
  • Senior Photography Checklist – everything you need to make the most of your senior’s shoot! 
  • Modeling poses 101 for senior photography 

Once you define what your magnet is going to be, it’s time to start designing! If you work with an outside graphic designer to help put together materials for you, shoot them your idea and have them get started. Maybe you do everything in-house and you aren’t a graphic design pro, don’t worry. I would highly recommend a platform called Canva! Easy to use with lots of great templates to inspire you, Canva is a great place to get you started. Once the design work is done, it’s time to get your lead magnet out! 

How to Launch your Lead Magnet: 

When launching your lead magnet, I recommend including it in as many places as possible. Consider designing a landing page to promote your magnet, and including a direct link to that landing page in your social media bios, in your blog posts, and anywhere on your website you see fit. You could even set up a pop-up on the home page of your website that advertises your new freebie. Through your email marketing platform, you can create an automation that sends out the lead magnet through an email to anyone who signs up! It’s a bit of work on the backend to get things rolling, but once you have a lead magnet set up and automated, it becomes a great and passive way for you to bring in new clients!

Now It’s Your Turn! 

We can’t just hear the things out there that can help us grow our business, we have to put them into action! Otherwise, we are only failing ourselves. So, I want you to create your own lead magnet! Take some time to consider what your audience needs most. Do a little research on your competitors out there and see what they may be offering their clients. After taking those things into consideration, come up with your own lead magnet idea! Once you have an idea, get it into motion. And remember, you can do this. Your business, and your clients, will thank you later! 

If you are already using email marketing in your business or are ready to get started, I would love to hear from you and help you in any way I can! If you have questions, you can DM me on Instagram or email me at

Need a little boost to get started? Head over to my shop to check out my two different email campaign kits! Each kit contains fully written emails, social media graphics to promote your campaign, a completely done-for-you freebie to offer your contacts, AND a how-to-use video to help you set everything up! These guides are the perfect way to start implementing email marketing into your business without stressing over the details. Check out my Senior Year Email Campaign Kit and Graduation Email Campaign Kit to get started today! 




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