The Seniorologie Directory is a listing of senior portrait photographers across the country.  The purpose of the directory is to provide seniors a place to find the perfect senior portrait photographer for their senior photos.  As a member of the Seniorologie Directory, photographers receive a blog post that gives them the opportunity to share a little about their business and themselves.

Today’s Seniorologie Directory Member Share is Danah of Danah Zoulek Photography in Colgate, Wisconsin .  Check out her work and read all about her below.

How long have you been in business?  2 years

What percentage of your business is a senior?   80% (at least)

What do you think makes a perfect senior session?  A fun and light hearted atmosphere. Seniors who are laid back and willing to try new things make a perfect session!

What do you love most about photographing seniors? They are so energetic and excited about this time in their life. They love going al out and love trying new things!

What would you say is the biggest challenge in your business? Parents understanding the current industry. I had to make a business decision about whether or not to offer digital collections and after many agonizing months of debate I decided to go all in on offering digital! I believe technology has changed and so has the market and what elements create a desirable product so now that I offer a modern product that teens understand, getting their parents to understand the value is another story!

Describe your photography style? Modern. Timeless. Fun. (hey, the three word rule right?!)

What motivates or inspires you in your photography? LIFE! elements like light, relationships, experiences, and cycles of nature inspire and motivate me. I like to find the essence of who a person is, and while fashion is important, I’m more concerned with genuine posture.

Twenty Questions Game…Just for fun!

Where are you from/live? Grew up in Phoenix, AZ but born and now live in Milwaukee, WI area.

Married? Yes I am! to Tom <3

Kids? 2! Aylah (4), and Jack (2)

What are their ages? HA! 4 and 2

Nikon or Cannon? Canon 5D Markiii and 5D Markii (I know, overkill)

What kind of camera bag do you carry? A very manly Army grade one (I’m very clumsy)

Favorite music to edit to? I don’t edit to music, I watch murder mystery shows on the ID channel

Favorite Photoshop Action? The one my new Adobe Certified Instructor made for me with my workflow (I’m super stoked about it too!!!!!)

A photographer that inspires you? Lisa Holloway, Meg Bitton, Sandra Bianco

Favorite Food? Ice Cream

Favorite place to shop? Yard Sales

Favorite drink at Starbucks? White Chocolate Mocha, nonfat, with Whip

Favorite Guilty Pleasure? Ice Cream

Favorite memory from when you were a senior? Prom. Me and my swing dance partner cleared the dance floor, just like on a movie! It was awesome!

Favorite Quote or Saying? Never Forget

Favorite Workshop or photography event you have attended? This one is EASY!!!! The Desert Shootout with Lisa Holloway and Meg Bitton! It was thrown together last minute and because of logistics everyone else cancelled and it was just me! (I know, rough stuff right?!) Amazing experience, and they’re doing it again in April of 2014. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Favorite Magazine? Anything photography related

Favorite Vacation Spot? Arizona

Favorite Movie? Pride and Prejudice


Member Share Monday – {Danah Zoulek Photography}


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