So you’ve marketing your business, gotten inquiries and turned those inquiries into booked senior sessions!  Now what?  What happens on the session and how can you ensure that you are providing the best possible experience for your senior clients??

In today’s episode, I am sharing all about the Senior Session Timeline and the 8 steps to making sure it is an unforgettable experience for your clients!!  We all know that great photos are just part of the equation…the experience, how you make your clients feel and what happens during the session is the other part of the equation and what can make or break a great review or referral from you clients.  So listen to today’s episode and see how many of these steps you are including in your senior session timeline to ensure the best experience for your clients!

The Seniorologie Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Leslie Kerrigan, creator of Seniorologie, for high school senior photographers.  Whether you are just starting out or you have been photographing seniors for a while, The Seniorologie Podcast is your resource for all things senior photography related.

Highlights from Episode 28:

  • What to do after you booked a senior – So you booked a senior client, now what?  I will go through the steps of a senior session and share with you my timeline for creating an experience for my clients.
  • 8 Steps to the Senior Session – Creating a timeline with all the steps allows you the chance to make sure each of your clients are treated the same and that you are providing the same great experience to every single senior.

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Seniorologie Podcast Episode 28 – The Senior Session Timeline


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