Grabbing the attention of high school seniors is a must when it comes to creating a brand that stands out and gets you booked.  This course will give you the tools to know just how to create a brand that seniors are looking for using something you already have…You!  Sarah Modene has branded her business in a way that not only made her a successful photographer in one city but three cities!!  Join Sarah for this course that takes an in-depth look into branding, marketing and designing for the High School Senior Photographer!

This course consists of downloadable material including a pdf guide, videos with Sarah and design templates for you to use in your business.  Due to the nature of the course, no refunds are given.  Download the items once you purchase the course.  The design templates will be sent via a link to all that register for this course.

If you have any questions, please contact Leslie at info@seniorologie.com


Join Sarah Modene of Sarah Modene Photography to learn all about how you can create a brand that High School Seniors will LOVE and want to be a part of!

You will learn the following:

Brand Fundamentals

  • YOU are your brand:  how to market yourself to your clients and why it’s essential for establishing a lasting business
  • What does your brand stand for?  Effective strategy for branding your business

Creating a Solid Brand through Design:

  • Fonts, colors and logos:  DIY Branding Basics
  • Designing a website the easy way with Squarespace
  • Creating marketing materials for social media with Photoshop

Marketing Your Brand:

  • Social media tactics and techniques for marketing yourself as your brand
  • Shoot for your brand; how to convey your message through your work
  • Maintaining consistency with your brand from social media through product quality and customer service


THREE VIDEOS where Sarah will go through the guide to branding and marketing step by step

PLUS:  A LIVE Tutorial with Sarah where she will demonstrate how to create a website as well as design marketing materials!!

Branding with Sarah Modene


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