Show off your love of everything senior with Seniorologie merchandise

Branded coffee mug with Seniorologie Logo
Large Size for lots of coffee


If you are like me, coffee fuels your day so you can get through all the editing, social media posting, client communication and all the other stuff we have to do as senior photographers!  Grab this Seniorologie Coffee Mug so you can drink coffee in style!

seniorologie mug


Branded tshirt with Seniorologie Logo
White shirt with colored logo
Unisex Sizing
Care:  Machine Wash Cold


Wondering what to wear on all those senior sessions you've got booked?  Why not wear the new Seniorologie Tshirt?!  Soft white t-shirt that features  the Seniorologie logo and is the perfect senior session outfit.  Show off your love of the study of senior portrait photography with this tee.

seniorologie Tee


Branded sweatshirt with Seniorologie Logo
Unisex Sizing
Care:  Machine Wash Cold


A comfortable sweatshirt is the perfect thing to wear for a day of editing or a cool senior photo shoot.  Grab this one with the Seniorologie Logo and show off your love of the study of high school senior portrait photography.  This cozy sweatshirt features the Seniorologie logo on a white sweatshirt.

seniorologie sweatshirt



Wondering if this is a good fit for your and your business?  Ask me any questions you may have!

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