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Get the most out of your spokesmodel team by informing them of what is included in your program

tell them exactly what to expect and what is expected from them, leaving no one with questions

have models show up on time, styled perfectly for the shoot, support one another and excited to share their experience on social

-Canva template to make customizing easy
- Text you can use
- Full magazine to use for your model team
- Instructions on how to use


Have you had a model team where some members didn't show up to shoots on time?  Or maybe you spent a ton of time answering lots of the same questions?  With this Model Handbook, you can inform your entire team with one beautifully designed handbook so everyone is on the same page, members know what to expect as well as what is expected of them, models know what and how to post on social to market for your business and so much more.

Model handbook



What's Included:

Letter to model and mom

Model team success tips

Hair and makeup tips for model team

Social Media guide for your models

Photoshoot policies

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