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Get the most applicants possible for your model team

Have a strategic plan to help you launch your program

know exactly what to post to create interest and get applicants to your program

-Social Media Templates for Model Team Launch
-Social Media captions to market your program - what to post when
-Model Magazine Template to inform applicants all about your model team
-Launch Strategy Guide - A step-by-step guide to launching and recruiting models for your team
-Quick guide to Flodesk (what I use to send out emails to applicants)
-Emails to send to your VIP List


Have you posted once or twice about your model team search and not had as many applicants as you thought you would?  Do you want to know how to get 100+ applicants for your team?  Do you need a step-by-step plan to make sure you create interest, get applicants and have a successful model team search?  The Model Team Launch Kit is for you!  This kit includes step-by-step instruction on exactly how I promote my team recruitment and how I get over 100 applicants each year for my  model team!  This is for the senior photographer who already has a model program but needs help with recruiting models.  If you want more help with how to run a senior model team, check out the Spokesmodel Academy which includes how to run a team and this model team launch kit.

Model team launch kit



What's Included:

Pre-Written Emails to Send Out to Your VIP List

Social Media Captions and a guide to what to post when

Social Media Templates

Complete Step-By-Step Launch Strategy so you know EXACTLY what to do

Model Magazine Template

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