The Seniorologie Best of the Year Awards is a chance to celebrate the work of senior photographers all over the world.  In order to determine the best of the year photos, I get help from some of the industry’s top senior photographers.  Below is a feature on one of the three judges from this year’s awards contest.

Headshots by Renee Bowen copyright 2017

Renee Bowen is a photographer in Southern California who specializes in senior photography.  Renee is also an educator for senior photographers and has been a speaker at Seniorologie’s Conference Twelve in addition to other conferences.  Renee also teaches her own mastermind as well as runs a Facebook group for senior photographers.  She is passionate about helping other senior photographers be successful.  Read below to find out more about Renee and how you can learn from her!  Thank you Renee for helping judge this year’s Seniorologie Best of the Year Awards!!


As a photographer, I’ve been in business for about 13 years; I’m based in the suburbs of Los Angeles and I specialize in creating transformational experiences for high school seniors. I do some personal branding and headshots as well, but for the most part, I focus mainly on seniors and teens.
Before I was a photographer, I was a massage therapist and I have a BA in Psychology as well, so my “first love” has always been working with and helping people.  Over the last five years, I’ve been mentoring other photographers, as well as teaching with various senior photography organizations and speaking at events.  I decided to take this part of my business even further last year and became certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching.

technically since a teenager; professionally for 13 yrs.


The opportunity to connect with them and provide them with an experience that not only makes them LOOK good, but feel good.  I think I might still be a 17 year old girl deep down 🙂  Working with them keeps me young and feeling alive …

How to actually run a business correctly
Main body: Nikon D5
Second body: Nikon 810
Third body: Nikon 750
Nikon lenses: 70-200 2.8, 85 1.4, 24-70 2.8 and Sigma art 35 1.4
Profoto A1X

Sigma Art 35 1.4

Connection/Life – how the image tells a story; how it makes me feel

So many things …. I follow a ton of commercial photographers and I’m always looking at what my clients are consuming as well to make sure I am speaking their language.

I have several opportunities for senior photographers, based on what they need specifically:

My Level Up Online Course and Coaching is a deep dive, four-month program that includes ALL the info anyone needs to start or revamp a senior business – all the templates, marketing, shooting, pricing, business essentials – as well as coaching from me for mindset and focus.

I also run a monthly membership that is based on model teams and marketing to Gen Z.  I am always doing research on Gen Z and working to help educate photographers on how to market to and connect with them.  The membership also includes my complete Influencer Model Program – which walks people through how to run a program the way I run mine, which is very different from how most senior photographers run an ambassador program.

I also run Masterminds for photographers who are already doing well, but need on-going help and coaching, as well as a killer group of support – these go for six months.

And I also run a free Facebook group for senior photographers 🙂

To find Renee, check her out online at the links below:
Instagram:  @reneebowen


Judge Feature – Renee Bowen


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