Choosing locations with little or no distraction so that the senior shines in the photos is what Lauren Harris of Lauren Blair Photography strives to do for her senior sessions.

“Kara is a gorgeous, gorgeous girl so I just let the shoot focus on her beauty,” said Lauren.

Check out what else Lauren had to say about this beautiful session below.  To see more of Lauren’s work, click here.  Thanks for sharing your work with Seniorologie, Lauren!

Where did this photo shoot take place?
We shot at a few different favorite locations in Fayetteville, including my favorite field!

Did you collaborate with this senior to come up with the clothing and/or concept for this shoot?
I always have my seniors bring a lot of options for clothing and then we style outfits after we get hair and makeup done.  She brought some awesome clothing choices so we just chose the outfits based on location.

What camera, lens or other equipment was used for this shoot?
Canon 5d Mark3, 85mm f/1.2L & 135 f/2.0L  (and a reflector!)

What time of day were these taken?
A few hours before sunset

Can you share any post-processing techniques used when editing this session?
I don’t do a ton of post-processing, just skin smoothing and a little “pop” in curves & levels!

What is your favorite thing about this session?
I love the variety we got just shooting at 2 different locations. She was super easy going and a natural in front of the camera!

What do you want this session to convey about this senior and about your senior photography style?
I like to photograph seniors with a fashion edge while still keeping it age appropriate!  I want the focus to be on the senior and not a ton of props or crazy editing!

What is one tip you can share with other photographers regarding photographing seniors?
Make them feel comfortable!  I am super goofy and I tend to make fun of myself a lot (telling stories about how dorky I was in high school) to make the seniors feel at ease with me.  I think it is also great to meet your senior before your shoot, whether at a consultation or while they are getting hair & makeup done, so you can chat with them and build up that sense of familiarity!

Senior Inspiration – {Lauren Blair Photography}


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