Fashion plays an important role in senior photography.  How your clients dress says a lot about their personality through photos.

Emil of Slice of Lime Photography has a great eye for fashion and as a result her senior clients dress to perfection.  Emil took her street team out to get to know them and give them a fun fashion shoot.

Check out this awesome shoot below and read what Emil had to say about it.  Thanks for sharing this session with Seniorologie Emil!



Tell us a little about this session…

These are all images from the headshot shoots I did with the girls on my street team this year. I rented out a local community center where we met up, talked about our upcoming editorial shoots, played games to get to know each other, talked about possible volunteer opportunities and they each got a Slice of Lime tank top, which they styled and we then did some group shots together and individual headshot about a block up the street at an old factory that currently operates as an antique market.  The building also contains a Rita’s Italian Water Ice, so we seized the chance to shoot their as well since it was the first day of spring and Rita’s gives out FREE water ice on the first day of spring every year! 

What was your goal of these head shoot sessions?  

These headshot sessions were more about the HANG and for the girls to get to know me, know each other, and get some cute head shots that could be used to introduce them as members of the Class of 2017 street team.  It was pretty straight forward and simplistic in terms of “creativity” and focused mostly on capture glimpses of their personalities and their new connection as a team. 

Did you collaborate on the wardrobe for these shots? Each girl was given free reign to style their Slice of Lime tank tops how they wished. This is where you got to see all sorts of their personality and style; some girls were more chill and understated and laid back with minimal styling;while other girls went to town with BLINGY accessories, hats, make up, etc. 

What equipment was used for this shoot?  All these were shot with my Canon 5d mark ii and Canon 24-70mm 2.8L


What time of day were these taken?  The shoot with the bigger group of girls was shot on a day that was mostly overcast around 2-3pm. The other two girls were shot around 5pm later in the week; mostly in open shade.

What editing process did you use?  My processing is all done in Lightroom with Red Leaf pre-sets as the base that I then tweaked into custom pre-sets of my own. I like to keep my images minimally processed; some light touch up of the skin was done in LR as well.

What did you want to accomplish with this shoot?  This is my 3rd year having a senior model street team program. This year I wanted to do something different and have a hang out for my girls to let them get to know each other well ahead of any editorial shoots we had planned. I wanted this “head shot shoot” to start with a hang out that was about more than just photos. The time we spent hanging out before the shoot, where many of the girls were meeting for the first time, really allowed for them to start to get to know each other. While there were many girls on the team that already knew each other, it’s cool to see the chemistry that comes through in the pictures from the girls who had just met as well. So I have to say that the chemistry and the personality that comes through in the images is my favorite thing about his shoot. 

What do you want this session to convey about you and your photography style?   I really wanted these first group shots and head shots with my Street Team girls to capture a connection…be it with with each other or with a feeling of fun, youthfulness, anticipation of the senior year ahead…and that hopefully gave a glimpse into who each of them was individually as well.

Can you share one tip regarding senior photography?

My tip regarding working with seniors in a group format is to take some time before you jump into the styled shoots with your team for the year, to just spend time together, let them get to know each other, and nurture the friendships. Then, do some simple, understated, chill head shots that focus on them and the budding friendships (or the friendships that they come into the group with as well). That will set the tone for the interactions during your styled concept shoots to be more natural/less forced as the girls have already started to build rapport with each other and have been photographed by you at least once all ready and will generally be more at ease in front of the camera for the styled shoots. 🙂 


Senior Inspiration – {Slice of Lime Photography}


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