Fashion is a great inspiration for senior photo sessions and when a client has a gorgeous dress, it is a must to include it in their senior session!!

Prom Dresses make wonderful choices for senior photos!  It is a great opportunity to get unique photos of the client in her dress on a day that is all about her as opposed to normal prom day photos that are more about the couples and the friends.

Victoria Bidez of Victoria Bidez Photography said, “The inspiration for this session started with a dress…her beautiful princess ball gown dress she wore to her junior prom to be exact!”

Check out this gorgeous session below and read what else Victoria had to say about this session. Thanks for sharing your work with Seniorologie, Victoria!



What was your inspiration for this photo shoot?
The inspiration started with a dress…her beautiful princess ball gown dress she wore to her junior prom to be exact! Then she discovered another breathtakingly simple blue dress and things just fell into place.

Where did this photo shoot take place?
Berry College in Rome, GA

Did you collaborate with this senior to come up with the clothing and/or concept for this shoot?
Yes, it started with her prom pictures and I told her about my vision of a fairytale princess style shoot. We then discussed other looks, which led to her blue dress discovery and the designing of a gorgeous spring flower crown. The location was just the icing on the top.

What camera, lens or other equipment was used for this shoot?
I used my Canon 5D Mark III with an 85mm 1.8 lens

What time of day were these taken?


Can you share any post-processing techniques used when editing this session?
I keep my editing very light, with only minor tweaks to lighting and contrast as needed and light skin editing to remove blemishes and redness. I also lightly sharpen the eyes using an unsharp mask.

What is your favorite thing about this session?
The overall feel of being in a real life Disney movie! it’s soft, romantic and yet age appropriate as well.

What do you want this session to convey about this senior and about your senior photography style?
Shelby is a fun, sweet and intelligent young lady that enjoys modeling and “playing dress up”. My photography style is clean, fresh and unique to each senior’s personality. Shelby is actually now being hired as a prom dress runway model!

What is one tip you can share with other photographers regarding photographing seniors?
Talk to them (and LISTEN); really get to know who they are inside and out! Relax and enjoy their free spirit and dreams of the future. The rest will come naturally.


Senior Inspiration – {Victoria Bidez Photography}

  1. Dawn Lee says:

    Victoria did a great job with Shelby’s shoot. She listened to all of her ideas and the result was amazing.

heck, yes i do!

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