If you do a big rep/model shoot each year, then you know that this is your chance to do something a little different.  Have a concept or a theme and express that concept or theme through fashion and props.  Your reps or models are there for you and you can create an inspiration board of suggested clothing, partner with a stylist to find specific clothing or work with a boutique to utilize their clothing to express your theme or concept.

My rep shoot this year is all about TULLE!  I love the Sarah Jessica Partner Look of a tulle skirt and tank top with heels and pearls so I took that as my inspiration for the shoot.  I furnished each girls tulle skirt and they were responsible for pairing something fun that fit their specific personality to go with the skirt.  I found the skirts on Ebay for $10 each!  What a bargain!  And assigned each of them a color.  From there, I created the inspiration board below as a guide for what they could put with their skirts.  Each of them texted me several choices and I helped them make the final decision!  Some are rocker, some are sweet and some are super cool!

If you are looking for some fun inspiration for your rep or model shoot or just have a senior who is fashion forward and wants something different for her photo shoot, share this inspiration board.  Or create one all on your own that is fun, flirty and totally out-of-the-box!


Sparkle & Tulle

Senior Style – {Rep Shoot Fashion Friday}


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