Senior Model Programs

for the senior photographer

One of the best ways I was able to grow my business in the senior genre was with my senior model program! 

give you amazing images for your portfolio, lasting relationships with your models, new clients who want you to take their senior photos, a booked calendar of high school seniors and will make you the go-to photographer in your area because everyone will want to be one of your senior models.

Check out all the resources below to help you with whatever stage you are in when it comes to model programs! 

I know what you are thinking...I've tried a model program and it just doesn't work for me!  Or maybe you want to try one but you have know idea where to start or what to do.  It all seems overwhelming!

Well I am here for you when it comes to model programs!  I have made mistakes, tried a lot of different things but finally found the thing that works and I would love to share it with you!

Done  correctly, a model program will...

Senior Model Team Application

for the senior photographer

One of the most common questions I get asked in terms of model programs is...How do you find the right senior models for your team?  And it all starts with the application!!  Download my exact application that I use every year to find models for my senior model team.  These questions are how I get to know the girls that apply and determine if they are right for my team.  Download it below!

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senior model quiz

For the Senior photographer

How do you know if a senior model program is right for you?  Is it something you need in your business and what type of program is right for you in your current stage of your senior photography business?  Take the quiz below and see whether you should have a senior model program or not and what type would be best for you!

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planning a model event

for the senior photographer

There are many elements to running a successful senior model program and events are one aspect of a successful program!  What type of events?  Well,  grab your headphones and listen to this podcast episode about how to plan an event for your senior models that will give them an amazing experience they can't stop telling their friends about!!

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the spokesmodel academy

a Complete course on running a successful model team for the senior photographer

Are you tired of trying out this thing known as a spokesmodel program only to not have it work the way you had hoped?  Have you not even tried because you didn't know where to start or what to do?  Are you ready to build a program that not only works but allows you to have booked clients throughout your senior season and make money??  The Spokesmodel Academy walks you through every aspect of running a successful program, the mistakes I made and how you can avoid them, how to find the right models, what perks to give them, what shoots to plan, what events to plan and so much more!  If you are ready to finally run a successful spokesmodel program, click below!

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