Seniorologie 101 is our newest online course that includes everything to help you create a successful senior portrait business.  The course is split up into four weeks covering a different topic each week.  You can hit the ground running and tackle all four topics at once or do one topic per week as we suggest.  All materials are online and downloadable for attendees of this course.

Weekly Topics Include:

  • Week 1 – Branding Yourself as a Senior Photographer
  • Week 2 – The Senior Experience
  • Week 3 – Marketing
  • Week 4 – The Senior Rep Program

In addition to the PDF that covers the topics above, attendees will receive the following:

  • Bi-Weekly Check Ins and Encouragement
  • End of 4 Weeks Webinar to ask questions with Leslie Kerrigan, owner of Seniorologie and Leslie Kerrigan Photography
  • Private FB Group for sharing and support with other class mates
  • Downloadable Templates to help you run your biz including Order Form, Inquiry Sheet & Check list, Marketing Templates, Senior Questionnaire, Workflow Spreadsheet, Biz Brainstorming Sheets and more
  • Homework to help you do the tasks and hold you accountable!  I promise it isn’t hard homework but will help you take action!n:)

At the end of the four weeks, in addition to all the materials above, attendees will be invited to attend a Special Rep Retreat with my reps so you can learn from me in person as well as ask my reps questions about how they feel about being Spokesmodels and get to photograph them for your portfolio.  This event will be a private event only for those that take this course.  Price and Location to be announced to those that register for this class.

How Do I Register?   Registration will begin Monday, March 14 at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard time and will end April 8 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Once registration closes, attendees will then start the class.  Materials will be sent via a downloadable link at the end of registration (April 9) so we can all start at the same time and work together to support each other in the journey of making our senior businesses successful!

If you are looking for a comprehensive online class to help you in your senior business, this is the class for you!!  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Seniorologie 101 – A Complete Senior Photography Online Class


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