This summer we had so much fun seeing your awesome senior photo shoots through Instagram!!  Each month, there were such beautiful photos posted that it was so hard to narrow down to just four from each month.  June, July and August each had four top Summer Senior Images.  You can see those finalists from each month below.

Now we need YOUR help to determine the best image of the summer!  The finalists are on Facebook under the tab Summer Senior Contest.  See photo below.  Just go to our Facebook page, make sure you click “like” and then click on the tab to be taken to the voting page.  Vote on your favorite image and the image with the most votes will be crowned Seniorologie’s Best Summer Senior Image!!  You can only vote once so make sure to choose the one you love and the one that screams summer senior to you!   Voting Page can be found by clicking HERE!

Congratulations to all our finalists…

June Finalists

Pink Owl Photography

Audrey Perez Photography

Christina Dru Photography

Erin May Photography

July Finalists

Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography

Audrey Perez Photography

My Little Umbrella Photography

Coco.Laine Photography

August Finalists

Courtney Fuselier Photography

Olivia Renee Photography

Violet Ray Photography

Real Promises Photography

And thanks to all that entered by hashtagging #seniorologiesummersenior!  Stay tuned to a fall contest soon! 🙂

P.S.  This is a completely separate image contest than the big annual Seniorologie Image Contest – Senior (photog) Superlatives!  The Images from that contest are still being reviewed by the judges and will be announced very soon!


Seniorologie Summer Senior Instagram Contest


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