It has been a while since we have done an image competition and we are super excited to bring it back to Seniorologie!!  Seniorologie was created on the basis of celebrating senior photographer’s and their work by showcasing it for inspiration to all and the image competition will not only show everyone the best in our business but provide the ultimate inspiration for senior images!  We want to celebrate YOU and all your hard work!!

So why enter an image contest?  Image contests can be a great way to not only celebrate the work you have done but also to learn and grow as a photographer.  By analyzing the photos you took, you can learn from them and better understand your craft, see which ones really stand out to you, which ones show your creativity and which ones show your style.  And by doing that, you can push yourself to create even better work.

In addition, the learning and growing from this process, entering an image contest can give you validation, professional credibility and confidence!  Let’s face it, we all want to know what we are doing is good and having a peer in our industry give you that is priceless.

Are you ready to enter the Seniorologie Best of the Year Awards and show off your amazing images??  Read below to find out how to enter!!  We can’t wait to see your images!!


The Seniorologie Best of the Year Awards Image Contest will run from January 11, 2019 to February 11, 2019.  Images must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on February 11, 2019 to be considered.

Image Categories:  The Five top scorers in each category will be awarded.

  • Best Black and White Image – image must be submitted in black and white
  • Best Studio Lighting Image – image must use artificial light
  • Best Senior Girl Image – image must be of a senior girl
  • Best Senior Boy Image – image must be of a senior boy
  • Best Urban Image – image must be taken in a city, urban environment
  • Best Nature Image – image must be taken in an outdoor nature setting
  • Best Concept/Styled Shoot Image – image must showcase a clear concept
  • Best Sport/Hobby Image – image must showcase a senior’s favorite sport of hobby with background or use of prop
  • Best Group – 2 or more seniors in image
  • Best Natural Light – image must be taken using natural light

In addition to the categories above, we will have ONE overall Best Winner which is the person who scores the most overall as well as a Senior Choice Award.  The Senior Choice award will be determined by a high school senior and will be picked from the 50 chosen by our professional judges.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. All Images must be high resolution jpeg images
  2. Images must be saved as lastname_firstname_category.jpeg – example kerrigan_leslie_blackandwhite.jpeg
  3. All photographers entering contest must fill out entry form – Click HERE for form
  4. Images must be dropboxed to
  5. Dropbox folder must be named your business name Seniorologie Contest – example Leslie Kerrigan Photography Seniorologie Contest
  6. We will not accept images with watermark or logo.  If you send an image with a watermark or logo, your image will be disqualified and no refund given
  7. You must have a signed release for images and must include in the dropbox with images
  8. All images must be submitted at same time in one dropbox folder
  9. Images must have been taken in 2018
  10. Images must be original work of photographer submitting them and not images captured at a workshop, shoot out, conference or other event

All Images that do not meet the above criteria will be disqualified, no refunds given for an reason or for disqualified images.  Decisions made by judges and Seniorologie are final.

Judging Criteria:

Judging will be based on the following criteria:

Imapct – sense one gets when viewing an image.  Images that have a very strong impression will get higher scores for this criteria.  Compelling images evoke emotion and tell a story.  Submit images that you think a stranger (not a client who is already attached to the subject) would have an immediate reaction to.

Creativity – The overall creativity of an image.  All the visual elements coming together to express the purpose of the image.  Original, fresh and imagination use in image.

Technical Merit – The quality of the image that includes composition, focus, sharpness, exposure, skin tone and correct color, post processing, etc.

Relativity to the Category – Image must match the category in which it is entered.  If styled/concept, a clear concept must be showcased.  Judges must be able to see what that is in the image.

Each image will receive a 1-10 score per judging criteria.  The total score will determine winners.  The top five with the highest score based on criteria will be winners in each category.  The image with the highest score in any category will be the Best Image of the Year.

Judges:  Our judges this year are an amazingly talented group of senior photographers all of which will be speakers at our educational event, Conference Twelve!

Emil Rodriguez-Powell of Slice of Lime

Marci and Christy of Marci and Christy Photography

Brittney Kluse of Brittney Kluse Photography

Leslie Kerrigan of Leslie Kerrigan Photography and Seniorologie

Winners Receive:  Winners will receive a highlighted spot on our website featuring their winning image, the winning image printed for display and sent to winner along with a certificate to showcase to their clients, bragging rights for the year, professional recognition and a featured blog post on


1 Image = $5

5 Images = $10

10 Images = $15

Entry Form:  All Photographers entering contest must fill out entry form.  CLICK HERE FOR ENTRY FORM.




The Seniorologie Best of the Year Awards!


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