Spokesmodel programs are one of the best ways to market your senior photography business but there is a lot that goes into a spokesmodel program.  Recruiting the models, educating them on what your team is all about and getting to know them in order to determine if they are a good fit for you and your brand is part of the process.  And one of the best ways to get all interested applicants on board at the same time and get to know them while educating them is by hosting a model night!!

Hosting a model info night was not something I always did for my program.  When I first started I relied on email communication but I found that sometimes things would get lost in translation or maybe the emails would not even be read by the recipient which made it hard for someone to understand exactly what my model program was about.  So I decided to add an in-person event that would allow me to not only meet the applicants in person but it would allow me to educate them further on what this program is and answer any and all questions they may have.  The model info night has been the one thing that has not only helped me get even more interest in my program but has allowed me to know exactly who is genuinely interested in my program and who wants to be a part of it.

The purpose of my model night is to inform applicants about my program, inform a parent of an applicant about the program, answer any questions they may have and interview the applicants so I know who would fit best with my brand.  And over the years I have learned what works and doesn’t work.

So here are my 7 Secrets To Hosting A Successful Model Night:

  1.  Invite Applicants Based On Their Application!  The first step to recruiting models for a model program is to have them apply with a stellar questionnaire that allows you to determine if they should move on to the next step in the process.  I use my application (which you can download here for free) to get to know the applicants, find out if they know, work or have photographers in their family, learn why they want to be a part of the program and more.  From there, I pick the ones I want to get to know more and invite them to the model night.
  2. Bringing A Parent Is Mandatory!!  A parent absolutely must be involved in this process so you know they are on board with what their daughter is applying to do.  There is a cost involved, requirements and more that a parent must know about so you know everyone understands the process and the program.  You want to meet the parents too!!  Because a bad parent, can be bad for your program.  So make sure you talk to each of the parents as well as the daughters so you get a sense of who they are and how involved they may be.  You want moms or dads who are just as excited as their daughters, are eager to share that their daughter is in the program (because the more sharing the better!) and are willing and able to pay the fee associated with your program.  Be ware of any parent who mentions free or is only interested in what their daughter gets as opposed to what they have to do.
  3. Have Refreshments!  The model night is more successful when it is treated like a fun event so having refreshments allows attendees to mingle and talk in a casual fun way while enjoying food.  I always have either cookies, cake or some sort of dessert and lemonade.  The refreshments don’t have to be a lot.  Just a little something to offer the people who attend.  If you can get cookies or cake with your logo on them, that’s even better!  Any chance you have to show off your brand, take it!!
  4. A Selfie Station Is A Must!  In addition to the goal of meeting the applicants and parents, you should also want to promote sharing!  The more this event gets shared, the more interest you will have in your program.  All the younger girls following your applicants will see this and want to be a part of it next year so you want to have something that prompts the girls to share.  And a selfie station does the trick!  Just by having a cute set up for them to take photos, they will automatically share them on social!  Then all their friends see what they are doing!  Have a backdrop, a ring light if you can (provides great light for selfies) and a few props.  And of course if you can have props that promote your brand, that will be perfect!  Things like lettered balloons or a backdrop with your logo would be a great way to show off your business without even having to ask!
  5. Invite Past Models or Clients!  By having past models or clients attend, applicants can talk to them about you, ask questions and hear directly from the source on what it is like to be a part of this program.  Teens feel more comfortable talking to other teens so by having past models there, the applicants will feel they can ask questions that they may not want to ask you.  They will feel like they are getting the real scoop and your models can share with them all the great things about you and your program.  I have found that by having past models attend the model night, the new models look up to them and want to be like them so it gets the new applicants even more excited about the program.
  6. Give A Presentation!  I send out tons of info during the entire recruitment process including a digital magazine with my application.  But it is VITAL that I also go over everything again during the model night and the best way to do that is with a presentation!  I put together a slideshow with information and photos to show off my program.  I share what makes it special, what they can expect, what is included, the cost and more!  I use this presentation as a way to make sure everyone is informed and a way to get them really excited about what is to come if they are a part of the program.  And the presentation does not have to be hard to create…use canva.com and create a great one by using one of their templates, dropping in your photos and wording and its perfect!  I use apple tv to mirror the presentation from my laptop and it looks professional and gets all the information to everyone who attends at once.
  7. Hand Out Packets of Info & Goodies!  Just to make sure again that everyone is on board, I create a folder of information to give each person that attends.  Inside the folder is information about the program, a calendar of events so they know what they would be required to do and when and a model contract with a self-addressed stamped envelope addressed to me for them to return with payment once they make the team.  I also include a little goodie (such as candy, chapstick, hair tie, etc) and a thank you note so they know I appreciate them!  By giving this folder and goodie, if they get home and think of a question or need to remember something I said in the presentation, they can refer to their folders for that information!  And it’s just always good to give something so no one leaves empty handed!

I hope this helps you plan your own model night for your model program!  If you have any questions, please let me know!  My inbox is always open for you!!  And I would love to hear how this helped you plan your own event so if you want to share on social and tag me, I would be so excited!!  Good luck and I hope you find the best girls for your model team!!



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7 Secrets to Hosting a Model Night


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