An Interview with Melissa Lynn Hunt: More Than a Model Program. Melissa shares about her unique senior spokespodel program to prepare girls for graduation

The Seniorologie Podcast Episode 22: More Than a Model Program, An Interview with Melissa Lynn Hunt

In this week’s episode, I interview one of my favorite photographers, Melissa Lynn Hunt.  Melissa runs a model program that is unlike any other! She combines education and mentoring with fun photo shoots and beautiful photos for her seniors.  Her program is more than just a model program. Instead, it is a program that prepares girls for life!

Highlights from Episode 22:

  • What if it doesn’t work? This is a common thing I hear lots of photographers say. They’re concerned about failure.  But Melissa addresses this and gives such great advice on what to do!
  • How to make money and have heart. I think we sometimes think its one or the other but Melissa proves that you can lead with your heart and the money will follow.
  • How a model program can help girls in college and beyond! A model program is great for confidence and produces tons of beautiful photos. But, what else can it do?  Melissa shares how her program is getting the attention of colleges and helping prepare girls for life during and after high school!

Listen to Episode 22 for this fun interview and you will be inspired to add more to your model program so you too can make a difference in your senior models’ lives.

In the Episode Melissa mentions books that have helped her in business and more. Here is a list of her suggestions:


Anything Dave Ramsey

Leaders Eat Last: Simon Sinek

She’s on Her Toes: Carolyn Hern

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***: Mark Manson

You are a Badass Jen Sincero

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: Stephen Covey

You are a Badass at Making Money Jen Sincero

A little more about Melissa: 

Hi, I am Melissa Lynn Hunt! I am raising two awesome boys, loving life with my husband, leaning on Jesus, and showing young women just how beautiful they are through my one of kind teen mentorship program.

When this idea came to me, I had taken notice at the way our lives are heavily influenced by what we see on social media. With the immediate connection to anyone around the world we are so easily misled by appearances. There is a need for strong women showcasing and speaking on what is real life, providing reminders about truth, self worth, and self love.

I am devoted to keeping it real for teen girls. My number one goal is to teach that your appearance does not define who you are! Self worth and self love are the foundation to one’s success. As a Melissa Lynn Hunt Senior you are taught to be yourself and let who YOU are take center stage. I know the standard to which young girls are held and the competitive nature of higher education. I provide our team with the opportunity to participate, serve, take action, and truly make a difference through our programs 20+ activities & community service projects.

I am passionate about the #thegenuineteam program because I believe when we equip ourselves with knowledge and surround ourselves with positive people, we have the power to influence and inspire the world around us.

You can find Melissa at any of the links below and if you have specific questions for her, she is happy to chat with you!!





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An Interview with Melissa Lynn Hunt: More Than a Model Program. Melissa shares about her unique senior spokespodel program to prepare girls for graduation

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An Interview with Melissa Lynn Hunt: More Than a Model Program. Melissa shares about her unique senior spokespodel program to prepare girls for graduation

Seniorologie Podcast Episode 22 – More Than A Model Program


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