Episode 53 of the Seniorologie Podcast is live today! And it’s such a special episode. Today, I’m chatting with a special guest: Sean Brown of Sean Brown Productions. Sean is a senior portrait photographer in Vancouver, WA and has been featured for his expertise and stunning photos! He loves helping other photographers take their businesses to the next level. For our interview, we’re really diving into how to use social media for your business. Sean talks about building the know, like, trust factor and how to use more video in your strategy today!

Clients need to know you!

Social media is a great platform to connect with your audience. All clients go through a process of knowing us, liking us, and trusting us before they ever buy from us. By showing up regularly on Instagram (and other social platforms), we can start the process for our clients. Our accounts aren’t just about sharing pretty photos. They’re about showing your audience and future clients what you’re about – and why they should work with you. Although we know it can feel daunting, continuing to show up online and share parts of who you are are important for building your client base.

Clients want to hear from you!

It’s great to show up online but you need to know what to say. What’s the message you’re trying to convey to future potential clients? That will inform everything you write for your business: social media captions, emails, website copy… you name it. Knowing your why is KEY to writing successful copy for your business. Additionally, think about how to overcome objections your clients might have. Think about what might be something that stops them from booking – and write about how you overcome that objection. An example might be if someone’s nervous about what to wear, you share about how you have guides or a client closet to make it easy for them.

Clients want to see you on video!

It’s no secret that social media is prioritizing videos. While they won’t stop showing photos, they’re not making a big effort to share those as widely. So that means it’s time to start including video in your social media strategy! Things like Instagram Reels, IGTV, Instagram Lives, and Stories are going to be more valuable within the algorithm right now. And here’s the tough love Sean shared: it’s YOUR choice if you’re going to stay the same or go with the changes. But, we can’t grow if we don’t push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Start slow and see how you can easily add video to your social media strategy today.

Sean has some great tips for you about how to show up for your audience and use social media for your business, so make sure you listen to the whole podcast!

how to use social media for business

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Ep. 53 – Interview with Sean Brown of Sean Brown Productions


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