for the senior photographer

We all know that Instagram is an essential tool for businesses so how do Senior Photographers use it to their advantage??

Literally EVERYONE uses Instagram (well maybe not my grandmother but pretty much everyone else) and especially TEENS who just happen to be our senior market!

And in order to reach our target market, we have to be where they are, which means Instagram is an essential tool for senior photographers!

If you are ready to learn how to utilize this essential tool to reach your target market, create relationships with potential clients and convert them into booked senior clients, check out all the resources below to help you...UP YOUR INSTAGRAM GAME!

75 Social Media Prompts

for the senior photographer

Let's be honest...we all have had those moments when our minds go blank and we can't think of anything to post on Instagram!!
What do we post about, what do we write about, what photo do we choose?  With this list of 75 prompts for social media, you will always know the answer to that question...what do I post!!

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Instagram Audit

For the Senior photographer

How do you know if your Instagram is making the grade?  Attracting the right followers starts with making sure your Instagram profile is everything it can be!  You only have a few seconds to make that Instagram first impression and convince someone to click the follow button so check out this Audit checklist and see how your profile measures up!

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Instastory & IGTV

for the senior photographer

There are many elements within Instagram that every senior photographer should be using!  And two of the ones I see underutilized are the Instastory feature and the IGTV feature!  Grab your headphones and listen to this podcast episode about how to use these features and what to post on them to reach your ideal client...SENIORS!

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the social media academy

a Complete course on instagram for the senior photographer

Are you tired of constantly wondering what to post or scrambling at the end of the day and just throwing something up on social media so you can say you posted?  Are you ready to use social media with purpose and know exactly what to post to gain the right followers, create engagement and covert followers into senior clients?  The Social Media Academy walks you through every aspect of Instagram, how to use Instastories, IGTV, what to post on your feed, what to highlight and so much more!  If you are ready to take back control of your social media, click below!

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