client objections and how to overcome them

When it comes to booking a photographer, there’s so many things that go through a client’s mind. Today, I want to talk about some common client objections and how we can overcome them so they’ll book with you – and be excited about it! 

What “objections” are you talking about?

An objection is just an uncertainty or lack of knowledge about something that could prevent a potential client from booking.  It is simply something they don’t know the answer to – and it’s a chance for us to educate and help them out! If you think about booking from the side of your clients (or their parents), it will be easier to understand what we’re talking about. I encourage you to take out a piece of paper and write out objections your clients might experience, but we’ll talk about some common ones for now! 

“It’s too expensive!” 

As photographers, we’ve all heard this objection and fear. I know that it’s one we all hate hearing because we want our clients to have a great experience, but we also work hard and deserve to be paid accordingly. To overcome this objection, you need to remember to show your value, not just your price. Stand out in your market and shows what makes you different! Things like a style closet or your values (do you donate money to a cause?) can help with that! Make it about what you offer – and you’ll be amazed how excited everyone will be! 

“I don’t have time!”

Teens these days are busy! Show them how quickly you can plan and have their session. Make sure you’re explaining the process and demonstrating that no matter how little time they have, they can have an amazing session with you! 

“I don’t need them!” 

This one’s tricky. You’re right, senior portraits aren’t a necessity like food or water. But, anytime I’ve had a potential client say this, they wind up regretting the choice to not have portraits done. Graduation is a huge rite of passage and it should be celebrated! 

“I don’t know how to pose!”

Look, I get this one! There’s so much anxiety around the idea of having to pose yourself! Potential clients see all of the beautiful photos you share but they don’t know the work behind them. As a senior photographer, it’s our job to educate and help our clients. Remind potential inquiries that you’ll help them through it all – and make sure they’re comfortable posing! 

“I don’t know what to wear!” 

This is another big objection. But, like posing, remind your clients that you are there to help them! Share if you have a client closet or if you offer wardrobe consultations. Whatever it is, help your potential clients understand that you’re going to make sure they’re comfortable and feel great on and off camera! 

“What if I don’t look like myself?”

If you encourage clients to have their hair and makeup professionally done, this can be a common objection… mostly because they don’t know what it really means. Many times, potential clients worry that their look is going to be overdone. Or that their photos will be heavily edited. As the photographer, our job is about reminding them that well-done makeup can help them look like themselves and enhance natural beauty! 

“I don’t know what the photographer is like!”

 If a client is considering hiring a photographer for senior photos they want to know who the person is that they are hiring!  It can be nerve racking to have your photos taken by someone who you have never laid eyes on or don’t have any idea what their personality is like. Teens especially want to know who they’re working with, so show parts of you and your personality online so that everyone is comfortable with who you are behind the camera. 

So, those are some really common objections that senior photographers run into. Think about if there’s any more that might be impacting your business and bookings. It’s important to understand what might be impacting your business, so don’t be afraid to ask clients, too! Once you know what these objections look like, it’s time to think about how to overcome them. Remember, objections are a chance to educate your clients. So think about places you could be sharing the answers to these questions (and more!). Maybe your website copy, social media, or inquiry magazine. If you hop on calls with your clients, address these concerns then! However you do it, just make sure you cover them all. Clients will realize that you are truly there for them and want them to have a great experience! Don’t be afraid to talk about these objections, seriously. You’ll be amazed at how much better it will feel for you and potential clients. 

Client objections and how to overcome them

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how to overcome client objections as a senior portrait photographer

Ep. 55: Client Objections and How to Overcome Them


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