social media workflow for senior photographers

Being a senior portrait photographer means that showing up on social media is really important to the success of our businesses… even if we wish that wasn’t the case. Raise your hand if you pose one or two photos after a session is over and think that’s enough of a social media workflow for your senior sessions. No shame here, I did the same thing for such a long time! But the truth is that one or two pretty edited photos doesn’t really tell the whole story of what it’s like working with us. To help our potential clients understand what it’s really like to work with us, we need to share more of the whole story with them. Working to create a social media workflow for your senior sessions is a great way to increase FOMO, show potential clients why you’re a great photographer, and just generally market your business. 

Senior Session Social Media Workflow 

We have workflows in so many other parts of our businesses. Why wouldn’t we want one for social media? I use the same flow for all my sessions and now it’s become more of a second nature for me. To create your workflow, make a list of all the things you want to do for each session on social media. I actually split mine into pre-session, session, and post-session. It feels way more manageable this way! I even have a checklist for each step so I don’t forget to share anything! 

Pre-Session Workflow

Before my sessions, there’s SO much I can share on social media. I can share about welcome packages going in the mail, our wardrobe consultation, or even location scouting. I love sharing when a new client has booked with me too. Remember, this doesn’t need to be elaborate. Just a simple story or Reel works! 

The Day of the Session

On the day of a senior session, I’ll share some behind the scenes content. We start with the senior’s hair and makeup appointment, and then maybe when they’re grabbing their final outfits. You can create a boomerang during their session of them twirling or showing off an outfit! Don’t forget about behind the scenes photos. Ask the parents or friends that tag along to help you grab a few photos. At the end of my sessions, I ask clients what their favorite parts were and record that as well. 

Post-Session Workflow

The last part of my workflow is after the session! Here’s where I begin to share back of camera sneak peeks, behind the scenes of editing photos, and actual sneak peeks. You can also share footage from ordering or preview appointments if you do IPS. And after all that’s over, don’t forget about sharing social proof from your clients. If they give you a testimonial, use it! Repost their photos or shares. All of that content is great for your business! 

So, as you can see, it’s really easy to create a TON of content from one session. Mix it up between Instagram stories, Reels, or posts in your feed. You’re able to clearly show what your process and experience is like, which will help future clients feel less afraid of booking a session. Seriously, there is power in the process – clients will be excited to get a similar experience with you! 

And if you want to start using this workflow for your senior sessions, grab the free workflow checklist HERE. You can use this as a checklist to make sure you are posting the entire story of your senior sessions!

social media workflow for senior photographers

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senior portrait workflow for social media

Ep. 56: The Senior Session Social Media Workflow


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