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How Investing In Education Leads to Success

You have probably heard me mention The Seniorologie Semester before.  Maybe you have even wondered if this program is right for you!  I totally get it, investing in education can be a huge decision.  But as we discuss on today’s episode of The Seniorologie Podcast, investing in education is one of the BEST things you can do for you and your business.  And it can be the one thing that will get the results you want for your business!

Today I welcome two of my amazing Semester students to sit down with me and chat about their businesses, their experience working with me and how the Semester helped them reach the next level in their senior photography businesses.

In this round table style discussion, we talk about everything from how important it is to find a community of support to why you should invest in education to how their businesses have changed over the last six months with the Semester program and how they have been able to not only bust through the fears around raising their prices but how they have been able to make more money booking their ideal clients.  They share why they decided it was the right time to get help in their business and the results they have seen through the semester program.

I am so incredibly proud of these women and all the hard work they have put in to taking their businesses to the next level and I am so grateful to be able to follow along on their success journey!  They are proof that you can create and run a successful and profitable senior photography business that gives you the life and freedom you want.  If they can do it, so can you!! 

This is an interview with Semester students Kamryn of Kamryn Nichols Photography in San Antonio, TX and Sarah of Sarah Chase Photography in Charleston, SC.  You can follow both of these amazing photographers at the links below!

Kamryn Nichols Photography – @kamrynnicholsphotography

Sarah Chase Photography –

If you are ready to take the next step to see success in your business, The Seniorologie Semester is open for enrollment!!

The six month program starts in January but is enrolling now with only one spot left!!  This program is specifically designed to help you become the go-to senior photographer in your area with lessons on everything from marketing to pricing to model teams to websites that convert and everything in between!  I will give you my proven roadmap on running a successful senior photography business, access to all my templates including sales objection scripts, email templates, social media templates, magazine, guides and more.  You get complete access to me during the six months to help you with anything in your business, 2 group coaching calls per month, 3 individual coaching calls and a two day in person retreat in Charleston, SC.  This program has helped so many photographers raise their prices so they make a profit, handle clients that have objections, create successful models teams, build websites that convert visitors to booked clients and book more seniors!  It could do that for you too!!

Dm me on Instagram @seniorologie and let’s chat!  I will answer any and all of your questions and help you determine if this program is a good fit for you and your business!

If you liked this episode, let me know!  I want to hear from you!  You can share your favorite piece of advice from this episode on social and tag me, email me any questions you have on how to handle a specific objection, or share a review on your favorite podcast platform!  You can also join my free Facebook community to further this discussion with myself and other senior photographers.  Simply go to, answer a few questions and I will add you to the group!

Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode of the seniorologie podcast and I can’t wait to meet you right back here next week for an all new episode.

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Seniorologie Podcast Episode 77: How Investing In Education Leads To Success


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