The Seniorologie Podcast Episode 20 – Senior Model Destination Trips

In this week’s episode, I am sharing with you things to consider when planning a senior model destination trip and answering some popular questions when it comes to traveling with your models.

I have personally taken my models on several trips and it can be an amazing bonding experience that will help you and your program stand out in your area.

The Seniorologie Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Leslie Kerrigan, creator of Seniorologie, for high school senior photographers.  Whether you are just starting out or you have been photographing seniors for a while, The Seniorologie Podcast is your resource for all things senior photography related.

Highlights from Episode 20:

  • Reasons to add senior model trips – Traveling to new places with your model team can provide new locations, amazing photoshoot possibilities and an experience your models can’t get anywhere else.
  • 10 Things to Consider – There are many things to consider when thinking about offering a destination trip to your model program offerings.  I go through each of these to help you in planning a destination trip.
  • Answering Your Questions – I ave received lots of questions regarding taking my models on destination trips from listeners and I answer the most popular ones during this episode.

Listen to Episode 20 for these tips and more on the senior model destination trips.  After you listen to this episode, ask yourself this question…Do you wan to take your models on a trip?  Let me know your answer!  Join in the conversation about destination trips in The Seniorologie Community on Facebook and let me know if you have additional questions I can help you with!!  (click here to join)

And if you want the destination without all the planning, check out Seniorologie’s latest event…Escape!  Grab a model and join Leslie Kerrigan and Sarah Modene in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree for a fun model and photographer event.  Learn all about destinations and create an amazing experience for yourself and one of your models with Escape.  Click HERE for more information!

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Seniorologie Podcast Episode 20 – Senior Model Destination Trips


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