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The Best Thing I Ever Did For My Senior Photography Business

If you read the title of this podcast, you are probably thinking…WOW!  That’s a pretty big statement!  And it is!  But it is also true!!  I strongly believe that my business would not be where it is today without my Senior Spokesmodel Program!!  It is the BEST thing I ever did for my business!!

A Senior Spokesmodel Program is a marketing campaign – both word of mouth and social media marketing, it is a great way to get content to show what you shoot (SENIORS!) and establish yourself as a senior photographer and it so much more!!  It is the basis of which I am able to run my senior photography business!

In today’s episode of The Seniorologie Podcast, I am sharing what a spokesmodel program is and what it isn’t and why it is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business and why it can be the bes thing you do for your business!!

The Seniorologie Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Leslie Kerrigan, creator of Seniorologie, for high school senior photographers.  Whether you are just starting out or you have been photographing seniors for a while, The Seniorologie Podcast is your resource for all things senior photography related.

Highlights from Episode 32:

  • What A Spokesmodel Program Is NOT  – there are many misconceptions of what a spokesmodel is and what it can do.  Sometimes we as photographers think it is a miracle worker, something that will do all the work for us and we just sit back and get the referrals!  But a spokesmodel program takes work from us to make it work!
  • What A Spokesmodel Program IS –  I share exactly what a spokesmodel program is.  All the things that a spokesmodel program is for your business.
  • Why A Spokesmodel Program Is The Best Thing – why having a spokesmodel program can be the best thing you do for your senior photography business and how it can help you grow your business and become the go-to senior photographer in your area!

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Seniorologie Podcast Episode 32 – The Best Thing I Ever Did For My Business


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